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Aithias the Dour and oh is he ever!!

Athias the dour Description: Rarely Cracking a Smile Aithias is all Business level 11 sorc Sounds just like the guy I want to go into a life and death experience with!! Upon being summoned: Now that i see this place i am starting to regret doing this If you are sure Well All Right As […]

The Year in DDO (According to Severlin)

The Year in DDO (According to Severlin)

Developer-to-player communication. Nothing new, nothing taken away, nothing bad. Not “damage control”, just communication. From a DDO producer of all things!

2,376,657th With A Bullet!

2,376,657th With A Bullet!

You are all stuck with whatever drivel happens to pour forth as I alternate typing at an article while wiping my eyes of sleep detritus and trying to suck down my first cup of coffee.

Some Kind of Monstrosity

Some Kind of Monstrosity

Yes, that is an ordinary (random loot) steel shield. No, there isn’t a single percent chance of Arcane Spell Failure from all of that.

The All New Warforged

The All New Warforged

You’ll lose your heart to Warforged’s stunning, advanced Free-flow styling

Defining "Bravery"

Defining “Bravery”

What does “bravery” actually mean, if it does not encompass a level 22 character attempting a level 30 quest, solo?

Things To Read If You Have Too Much Spare Time (Really, Way Too Much)

Bad Geoff! No!

Why does he keep doing that?


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