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Deadly Ring of Haggle

Deadly Ring of Haggle

For those times when you are deadly serious about getting a good deal

Greensteel - Balance of Land and Sky

Greensteel – Balance of Land and Sky

Balance of Land and Sky

Fixing Casters Using the First Edition Player's Handbook

Fixing Casters Using the First Edition Player’s Handbook

These are spells that would get cast. Spells that would make casters more desirable without increasing their spell power and DPS.

Visual Short Stories

Visual Short Stories

Sometimes a saved image is worth a comment, but not an entire article.

How embarrassing...

How embarrassing…

I fear that it could be prophecy; pray that it is not! Luedwig feels no impending threat of bursting-butterflies so there is hope.

Update 28 Review (in Haiku)

Update 28 Review (in Haiku)

Arraetrikos wins

Things To Read If You Have Too Much Spare Time (Really, Way Too Much)


All things pertaining to Dungeons & Dragons Online, the D&D MMORPG created by Turbine and presented by Warner Brothers Gaming.

Gamer Life

In spite of one's best efforts, things happen outside of the game board.


There is no richer pursuit for a man than to spend his life in a series of enjoyable and challenging games played with his friends