Jan 072011

A map of all the zones in DDO and how they interconnect.

Wait, is it a map or a diagram?

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  1. I’d say it’s a diagram – a diagram of awesome!

  2. Really helpful. Till now i was looking up adventure pack details on wiki to figure out how to reach some of the new packs i got on festivult.

    Great work and Thanks 🙂

  3. Ooo Lords March Plaza is tricky to map… it has both free quests and paid ones in it! (Deception in Stormreach vs Attack on Stormreach)

  4. Actually Delera’s too since the public space is free but the quests are paid, which is an anomaly due to the live event.

  5. Thanks Tolero! I posted a version on the forums too and have gotten a small number of additional corrections there too. I’ll do an update later today.

  6. It’s a map. It’s a diagram. Wait, it’s two great things in one. 😉

  7. Now if only they could somehow easily indicate which quests are F2P on the “Patron Log” in the game, that would be nice. 😉

  8. You missed the Black Anvil Forest (small area, but its still an area) off House Kundarak as an adventure zone. It has 2 F2P quests in it.

  9. Some update completed but more to come.

    @Tyrande – probably not going to add B.A.F, it isn’t a teleport target and doesn’t go anywhere except to the two House K quests.

    Of course by that logic I don’t really need Delera’s Graveyard. It just seemed more significant especially since the introduction of the Mabar event

  10. Lordsmarch Plaza is actually mixed f2p and p2p.
    And a little known fact is that the Twilight forge is f2p too- you can teleport there even if you don’t have the restless isles pack, just don’t expect to do much there.

  11. That is, the raid is f2p too- if you flag on a guestpass, you can run the raid later on after it expires. Just can’t pick up any end reward 🙁

  12. Hey nice map, though I am missing some things like the Teleport from House D to Atraxia which is rarely known and easy to get to.

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