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I am going to a borrow page from Erdrique’s fine blog and ponder something I’ve come across in-game. Because I have been turning this over in my mind for several days now and am not making any headway.

Yes, this is a nerd-only problem. Yes, no one cares. Yes, I need to “get a life”. Except I have one already thank you, a very nice life in fact. It’s just that it is a heavily game-infused life; the kind of life where in-game things can pique my curiosity and stay there for days at a time.

Like this:

A passle of Yugoloth and their Yugoloth symbol

A passel of Yugoloth and their strange symbol

What is that symbol? Why is it on the wall there? It is too graphic to be a tavern sign, even though it is in a tavern. A weird tavern, one that has no actual bar and for some reason includes a mailbox. So … not a bar sign.

It looks like some kind of official Yugoloth logo. Do Yugoloths have a logo? Yugos do, or rather, they did, since Yugos are no longer actually a thing.

Yugo logo
The logo of the now-defunct Yugo car company

It really does not look anything like the Yugo logo in any case. Maybe a closer look:

Yugoloth logo

See? It looks very logo-ish. Not a sign, not graffiti, an intentional logo placed there on the wall to represent something.

Yugoloths? In general? Or maybe those three Yugoloths in particular?

I don’t remember a lot about Yugoloths; I found them rather annoying; D&D had demons, and devils, and daemons. But after the weirdness of the religious right backlash against the game (and who that has seen it can ever forget the horrors of Mazes & Monsters), all of those monsters got renamed into various creatures that were less controversial. No longer Daemons, now Yugoloths. I was annoyed at the way TSR caved to a bunch of loud yahoos, and that turned into annoyance at all of the newly renamed creatures as well.


But I digress. Back to the symbol. What is it? A diagram of a ball joint? A combination of a “Y” and an upside down “T” (Go Team YugoloTh !)? What?

The very first thing that occurred to me when I started down this path was a similarity to the logo of one of my favorite bands:

Dueling Logos

Key structural similarities exist, even if the Yugoloth are slightly less whimsical

This line of thinking is in fact what led to the most recent DDO album cover (not that this is a good thing).

I remain bewildered. It clearly is some kind of logo, I think we can just move on with that assumption in place. But whose? And why is it just painted on the wall like that, in glowing letters?

Maybe it is not a logo, but rather a magic sigil of some type? If so, what is it doing? One obvious answer could be “holding Amrath up” since Amrath is a floating ball of rock. But would they really put the key to their entire homeland in a bar? No, they would not do that, no one would.

If this is a magical sigil it is apparently not doing anything. So I am assuming it is not a magical sigil.

Leaving me with nothing. A logo for no one, or a magic symbol that does nothing.

See? Bewilderment.

What do you think?

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  1. It’s the planar symbol for Shavarath. You can see all of the symbols at – note that Dal Quor is fixed on the fringes of the planes – you can thank the Truthful One and the Stormreaver for that ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So it _is_ a logo! I knew it! But what a weird place for it. And what is up with all the magic-looking script around it?

      Still, a logo. [looks around with a confident, I-told-you-so smugness]

      • Well the Yugoloth aren’t native to Shavarath so I’d say the runes and glyph are a focal point for the planeswalker rituals that they use to create portals to other planes. Like a celestial roadsign.

        Definitely the location for a portal to the other planes to appear. My guess would be Mabar where the Yugoloth are most populous. Thankfully they don’t have pumpkin heads and I’d like to keep it that way ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. if you wear glasses, try this: close them; turn them upside down; hold them centered right in front of your eyes and slowly distance them. You will totally see the Yugoloth symbol inspiration!

  3. Plainer, simpler version of a heavy gymnast doing the splits on the parallel bars.

  4. I was going to say ‘it’s what keeps the gnomes out’ but Quijonn had to go and offer facts. ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you think?

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