Nov 062015

A shout-out to the amazing YourDDO Monster Manual tool

YourDDO is a long-standing resource for DDO players including crafting tools, a server status widget, useful links and commentary, and even a video podcast!

Forum user Ague created the site several years ago and makes changes to it as the game has evolved. I’ve only recently stumbled across one of his changes, and it is an awesome change that simply must be discussed.

Ague revamped his Monster Manual section. It used to look and feel much like the in-game monster manuals, which was nice, but not essential since we already have the in-game version. YourDDO’s version was complete, listing every monster, and that has utility in and of itself.

But no more, now he’s added a location search. Now you can select one of the monsters you are having difficulty hunting down and YourDDO will show you all of the places where you might find it!


Need to know where you can find Hezrou? Simply choose Hezrou from the “Choose your monster race” dialog. Narrow the result by selecting which Hezrou you are seeking – there are ten types displayed in the “Known Hezrou” dialog. And voila, all of the places that particular Hezrou can be found. Including just plain-old Hezrou, which are shown to exist in


Here is another example, this time searching for a specific Quori named “Usurper of Dreams”.

The YourDDO monster manual page

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There he is, Reclaiming Memories.

This is most helpful. I have lots of gaps in my monster manuals. Oh sure, the game is kind enough to tell me what I am missing. But not where to find it. YourDDO closes that gap in a most helpful way.

Thanks Ague, nice tool!




Three cheers for Ague and YourDDO. Way to help out the DDO community!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Very nice!^2. I think I’ll give it a spin next time I do a little Crafting. If I craft a tasty, monster specific weapon, I enjoy running through every instance where that monster might appear. Before this, it was memory, peers and long hand. “Jim! I’m a Tempest Ranger screaming for a Toggle-of-Scaling. Not a doddering old librarian!

    *appologies to any players with doddering old librarian family members.”

  2. Very handy!

    I don’t remember my monster manual telling what I’m missing, though…

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