Oct 282015
Your Turn to Pour

It is always Sully’s turn to pour

In case playing DDO is not enough for you, here’s another game you can play while playing DDO. A game within a game.

Best of all, this is an adult game. And no, I do not mean “Strip DDO”. I mean a drinking game, of the adult beverage persuasion.

We’ve had a couple of drinking games in our guild, but really they are just ways to harass each other. For instance, whenever Wind shouts out that he is cursed or diseased (or mostly likely, both). Or whenever I note that I am all by myself, again, and wonder where everyone else has gone.

But like I say, this is more about needling each other than actual drinking. We need something less personal, and more random.

In the meanwhile, Geek Mom and her Geek Husband have some sort of private drinking game going, one whose details are unknown, but seems to involve the phrase “Your turn to pour”. I like the sound of that. Let’s turn that into something we can all play!

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And I have. May I present, “Your Turn to Pour”, the load screen drinking game.

How to play:

Copy the image at the top of this blog post into your DDO splash screen folder. It is already appropriately named and sized, all you have to do is copy it.

  1. Right-click the image and save it to your DDO logos folder, choosing “Yes” to overwrite any existing file if you are asked
  2. The DDO logo folder is at [your path to DDO]\raw\en\logo
  3. For instance, on my system, the path to DDO is “C:\ProgramData\Turbine\DDO Unlimited\” so when I save this file I would save it to “C:\ProgramData\Turbine\DDO Unlimited\raw\en\logo\”

And then start playing. When you see the load screen, drink. If you don’t have a drink, well, it is your turn to pour; go get one.

If you are truly adventurous, copy the image to your logo folder a second time, renaming the image to “ddo_generic_teleport_screen_6.jpg”, and thereby doubling your chances to encounter it.

Fun. Especially if you are in a household with more than one DDO player, but even if not, good times to be had all around.

Your Turn to Pour: an excellent way to turn a Friday night into something memorable. Or forgettable, I suppose, depending on exactly how many times you encounter the lucky splash screen.

Although … now that I think about it … Strip DDO does sound pretty interesting too …

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. But if I play the Wind drinking game, the wondering why you are alone again drinking game, the It’s your turn to pour and then add this, I may not be sober enough to play the game……And yes….it was my turn to pour last night.

  2. I’m sure I could rig Rachel’s computer so she always gets it…… 😛

    [we just take turns – very civilised!]

  3. Strip DDO: depends on who else is playing…

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