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Your Votes For the Best Solo Class
Your votes for the “Best” solo class

As promised last week, the results of the “Best” solo class poll, tabulated and presented for your viewing pleasure. Or your trollish flamery, depending on your personal alignment.

I was really hoping that my guess of “Druid” would win and I could mentally flip a finger towards all the naysayers, because that would have been so satisfying. But no such luck, I am in the minority opinion. So be it, it is neither the first nor the last time I’ve been there.

All I can say is you all have got to play more Druids. Or maybe I need to play more monks. Or both.


For each of the six attributes, each class was awarded a score based on how many other classes they defeated. So for instance, Sorcerers “won” the DPS attribute, defeating all twelve of the other classes, and thereby earned a “12” in that category.

This method awarded those with clear victories over those with tied scores. For instance, in the Defenses attribute, Monks and Paladins tied for the top rank and both earned “11”, no one earned a “12”. This method also rewards classes which avoid coming in last: not losing was as important as winning. And I think that is appropriate considering what we are trying to figure out here; a class which completely sucks at one or more of these soloing attributes should be penalized severely.

Also, rankings for Locks and Traps were halved when attributes were summed. Yes these are important soloing attributes but not at the same degree as the other attributes; some quests can be soloed with no locks or traps whatsoever.


There were a lot of votes! The page containing the polls was viewed 1200 times, and somewhere between 120 and 150 of those viewers took the time to vote; mostly voting in all six polls. Quite the high click rate; clearly this is a topic people care about. Unless DDO players are just over-represented by people who love to click.

Other than the disappointing finish of Druid, the biggest thing that I would not have expected is the lack of importance that you all put on melee. How unexpected. Meleers may not be able to reach the crazy four and five digit hits that a caster can, but they do it so much faster and their damage can be sustained indefinitely. Oh well, this is why there is a poll, if all I wanted was my own opinion I would just reread my original rankings.

Varying Vote Totals by Attribute

Not all of the attributes got the same number of votes. If the polls that were higher on the page got the most votes, I would just assume this was due to short attention spans and ignore it, but it wasn’t like that. Self-healing got the most votes, by far:

Votes by Attribute
Votes by Attribute

This could be just the fact that more people felt there was a tie for “best” self-healer and therefore voted more often. Or it could represent an attribute that people felt was more important and was therefore clicked by more voters. No way to tell the difference.

Just to be sure, I re-plotted the results, weighting the sums based on the total votes per attribute, so for example self-healing was worth 34% more in the totals. The results were tightened up a bit but did not actually change any rankings. I am not presenting those results since I cannot tell whether the different totals are because of people putting more emphasis on each attribute or some things were just more likely to require more than one click.

Anyway, fun with graphs is one of my favorite kinds of fun. Somehow I doubt anyone else will be enjoying this as much as I did, but here you go, graphs for everyone!

Knock yourselves out.

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  1. Cleric and FVS should be about equal now that clerics get the same faith line feats when it comes to DPS, but there are still a lot FVS fanboys out there lol. Also makes you wonder how many people have played all these classes since the enhancement pass. Still think you were dead on with the druid the first time around.

    • Wings make a huge difference in mobility for FvS compared to clerics. Archon helps with DPS, and the (much) larger SP pool is a great advantage for spell spammers. Unlike sorc/wiz comparasion, the divine spell list is not that huge or all benefical, so the choices the FvS lose over the cleric’s extra slots are not really a problem.

      The major advantage of cleric over fvs is turn undead (some undead-heavy quests gets really easy with turns), and the healing aura. Everything else, a fvs does better than a cleric.

      • clerics get wings through ED’s so that is really not an issue. The Archon is nice, but with the enhancement pass clerics got a really big boost with melee and offencive casting. So other than the Archon they are about the same. FVS’s may have more DC’s and sp, but DC casting is all but dead in high level content (unless you really spec for it. probably not a first life FVS). Tactic make up for the sp.

        • Sounds like we a have a cleric fan here.

          Seriously: bigger mana pool is simply considerable advantage. Tatcics make up for the sp? Well, what about tactics AND SP? That is pure win πŸ™‚
          More DC (FvS) is better then less DC. I believe we dont have to discuss that.
          Archon is better then no archon. again, this is obvious, I believe.
          And FvS has innate wings, which means, that it can use any ED. Cleric either must stay in Angel, or loose wings. For meeles, Angel is very suboptimal, for DC as well and for anything but healing… as well.
          Also, people tend to ignore that, but FVS has better saves then cleric.

          FvS simply is better. Only disadvatage is lower spell slots, but that all.

  2. More pictures!

    I find it amusing that Sorcs are considering the highest DPS, is that when they’re going all out, or when they’re being conservation so as to last between shrines?

    And yes, you totally need to play more druids, and monks, and bards, and the rest πŸ˜›

  3. I think you did a great job Geoff. I also like your original article and would say the Druid is best. I think with the casters some people are also thinking that self healing means WF but the race shouldn’t be factored in. This should just be based on the class itself and what it can do. I also agree that the monk should be high on the list and should be right behind Druid. Looking at the class the monk does have self healing which should make it even with the druid in that fact. But the druid gets firewall and ice storm which I feel makes it the better solo class. Just my two cents. Loved the articles Geoff you do a great job. The math was fun for me too.

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