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It's prnounced RRRrrruddy FUN-gus

It is strange how certain traditions evolve in our DDO play. For instance, when running in the Subterrane, whenever a monster drops a planar shard, someone in our group will say “candy bag”. I imagine that was originally just to let everyone know about the drop, and it still serves that purpose, but still.

“Candy bag”

Similarly, when Mysterious Remnants were introduced, I would call them out when one appeared, and then follow that with how many remnants I received. Now everyone in our group generally does this. “Remnant!” by whomever sees it first, followed by a chorus of numbers “2” “3” “64” or whatever.

A Potion of Wonder? “I wonder what it does” which for a couple of us is generally followed by actually drinking the potion. Not everyone is a wonderdrinker though, and even those of us who partake don’t always do so. There are times when it would be just too inconvenient to explode or turn into a bladestorm or whatnot.

Anyway. There is one “tradition” that I’ve never shared over the mic. When I get a Ruddy Fungus, for some reason, it brings something out in me and I absolutely must repeat “ruddy fungus” in my very best terrible Scottish accent. Except I don’t actually have the ability to do a Scottish accent. It must sound horrible. I’m not a self-conscious person – I’m totally willing to do my awful robot voice over the mic. I sing (badly) and tell (really lame) jokes – but my faux Scottish is so bad that I choose to keep it to myself.

Except for my wife of course, she sits right next to me, and gets the full glory of whatever randomness happens to trip out of my brain and wind up in my mouth. Even my terrible Scottish.

“Rrrrrruddy FUN-gus”, I say, rolling the R like a wheel in a hamster cage, drawing it out as long as I can. R-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-uddy FUN-gus. Definitely more Fat Bastard than Sean Connery. Not even that good. But it’s so fun to say!

And then last week I heard my Gamer Girl say it. “RRRRRRuddy FUNgus”! I died. I really did. Completely died, right there on the spot.

RRRRRrrruddy FUNgus! Every bit as badly accented as my own version. She only did it the one time, but still, she totally did it. RRRRrrruddy FUNgus.

Maybe I should share it with the group see what happens after all.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Please do not share. I have no desire to start hearing Pink trying a Scottish accent.

  2. Finding Planar Spoor is the worst.. “ewwww i found poop!”

    • Those alchemists seem to find excuses for making us collect all sorts of “things”…

      And those wizards, they smell funny, they can blame it on their components all they like, I ain’t buying it.

  3. Some odd traditions our crew has…

    1) Calling the spell “Protection from Elephants” due to an overly exhausted mispronunciation.

    2) Silently passing every copy of “overexposed” loot to the New Guy in a given run. At one point, a newcomer had no less than five Ironwood Khopeshes reserved in his name by the time he got to open it.. and he pulled one himself.

    3) Aggressively chasing down and stalking random VONs (Visibly Obvious Newbs) in the Harbor for the express purpose of using multiple Jewels of Fortune on them. On Orien, this has increased in frequency by at least 600% in the last two weeks!

    4) Loudly complaining “Slow Clapping (expletive)!!!” during Archwizard Tyvrus’ long-winded speech at the end fight of Through A Mirror Darkly. Because, slow clapping. >_<

    Okay, those are all *MY* traditions, but, whatever. Army of One and all that.

    • 6 ironwood khopeshes? that’s a lot πŸ™‚ Did they immediately shapeshift into a marilith & reenact some Harryhausen-style fighting?

      • Sadly, they did not.. I have a feeling most of them found their way onto the Plat House shortly after we logged off. Or perhaps one of the pawn vendors..

        • Our group seems to have psycho-abnormally high luck with pulling Ironwood Khopeshes.. it’s become a running gag. Folks who *DON’T* pull one count themselves lucky, it’s gotten that bad.

  4. I want a video to hear you saying it. Please. This post killed me. Then invite Deadlock to do it. He is Scottish.

  5. This is great. My group has some similar weird sayings:

    The “Drow Piwafwi” item can only be pronounced as “Piffwafwoo”. No one actually uses it, but the word does seem to come up often…

    Any looted Potion of Wonder immediately leads to everyone saying odd “I WONDER” type phrases which grow quickly tiresome.

    I’m sure there are more but my static group hasn’t played together in awhile. πŸ™

    • OH! That reminds me.. any Wood Woad triggers a flurry of imitated five-year-old childish mispronunciations. “Wewease the wood woads, Wiwwy!” etc.

      …which quickly grow tiresome, as you so politely put it πŸ˜›

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  7. I picked up the battle cry “Dizafrabadoo!” from the kobolds of Stormcleave Outpost. I accidently yelled it (out loud) whilst Shadow of Mordor.

  8. And of course you’ve got the standard repeating of standard NPC’s…

    “That did it…Doors open” or

    “We beat them off…This time” or

    just randomly starting to talk in Gary Gygax’s monotone , or

    the tons of bad kobold imitations I’ve heard “Kobold remember waterworks!”

    …to many voices to repeat them all. We’ve probably got one for every quest series. All obnoxious, all over used, but if they don’t get said you know that something bad is going to happen.

    And then there’s always that voice that comes over the mic and says “…. sure, whats the worst that could happen?” and everyone groans just knowing we’re going to get party wiped by 4500 champion oozes.

    And then I find myself in a PUG and wind up saying one of these expressions and wait for the reaction and

    *crickets*…seriously…nothing *sigh*. It takes guildies to understand my special type of craziness I guess.

    What voice / expression do you do for Blades of the Dark Six (or is it not family friendly) ? πŸ™‚

  9. It’s a special form of tourettes πŸ™‚ As a native, I completely approve πŸ™‚

    Mine are:

    “There’s a fire reaver in the library” that I have to say 100% of the time in Threnal and occasionally whenever I see a fire reaver anywhere else.

    In Gianthold Tor after the initial waves of portal fire giants end and the stone door opens:
    “the guards rush forward to do you in.” – which I have to do in my broadest Glasgow accent.

    Bags in the subterranean are “T-bag”

    And at some point during the Druid’s Curse (where woad also means to dye like an Mr Gibson did to their face in Braveheart) I have to say “how much wood would a wood woad woad if a wood woad would woad wood”.

    These are all said entirely for my own amusement and others bemusement πŸ™‚

  10. My group also does the “Remnants!” and number calling.

    Whenever a party member sets off a trap (which happens a lot since there aren’t any trappers in our current midbie group), I type out “Kobold thinks it’s a trap!” – but only *after* it’s been set off, preferably accidentally. One guildie and I quote a lot of kobolds, actually.

    Whenever something gets repeated… “The Hatchery”.

    Something I’ve recently started doing (but only to myself, in part because I don’t do voice lol) – whenever I’m on my warlock and range a hezrou and hit it with Hurl Into Hell right as it ‘ports to me, I always say, in my best impression* of the end boss of Tor, “You did not have to come all this way to die.” But only hezrou, not other ‘porters like Bearded Devils, and definitely not anything I just made run closer (which includes hezrou if they decide to lumber over instead of ‘porting).

    *Note that I claim it’s a good one, simply my best.

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