Nov 142013

Go Team!

Gimme a BB!
Gimme an OO!
Gimme an XX!
What’s that spell?Free Raid Loot!

Think back, only a few days, and you may recall a short note about the Raiders Reward Box; a prize container to be distributed in Update 20 as a make-up for the 20th-raid completion reward snafu. Except, there was a snafu in correcting the snafu, and not everyone who was supposed get a Reward Box did. Very unrewarding.

Turbine’s fix? In the next patch they are going to give out another set of Reward Boxes, but this time they are giving them to everyone, no qualification rules.

Don’t take my word for it. Here is the announcement. Here is the clarification regarding the fact that everyone will get a Box, and here Cordovan expects this to happen right away, to the point that he will have more news about it within 48 hours.

Fast response Turbine, and well-played.

For me, I worked at qualifying most of my characters and missed out on whatever the bug was, my characters pretty much all got a box Monday. Dare I hope that they will be getting a second Box? Double-rewarding? 2X the Reward Power?

One can only hope.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. That is so ridiculously awesome I can hardly stand it! Now i just need to get more toons (*cough* Commandos) in a position to actually USE these! Woot for Loot!

  2. My only question is, do I need to hurry up and use each of my current boxes so that my inventory is “box free” when the patch hits? Or will characters get another box, even if another is already in their inventory?

    My biggest dilemma is thus- I have an 8 Fighter/6 Ranger/6 Monk that I was going to snag either a Celestia or Balizarde. However, while flagging for the box, I ended up pulling a Torc from DQ (first run with this character), and was thinking I’d TR into a caster Druid. Now, I could potentially get another box and have either 2 Celestias, or 2 Balizardes…UGH!

    What do I do???

  3. Its being patched right now (already almost done If I am not mistaken)! Along with fixing “beyond the rift”, again

  4. See what happens when an empress whines about wanting free toys? She does evil magics that enable her to get them >:)

  5. You know, for once, I literally cannot find anything negative to say about Turbine. This was very kind of them.

  6. Turbine has just made my Ninja star-thrower EXTREMELY happy. And most of my other Monks are now nicely geared twice over. +1 to the developers for a very good PR thing that cost them nothing but more work to do as we game more.

  7. I now have dual celestias on my ninja – there was much happy dancing.

  8. I have 4 characters (of 22) that qualified for the first round, but only one of whom received the box. My fiancee also got boxes on two of hers, even though she has never run a raid or TRd. We both used our boxes immediately and, when round two came, we got extras on those who had already received. I understand how the original snafu might have worked… The fact that some who should have gotten them, didn’t. When I don’t get is how some who didn’t qualify at all got them anyway… Either way, I got the gear I was interested in (though many of mine took Comms, just in case they ever become BTA) as did my girl, so we’re cool with it.

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