Mar 042011

Best event ever! Need proof? Let’s examine the evidence:

  • Dev appearances:
  • Back in the day, a dev would appear on an avatar and run some kind of contest in a tavern. Meanwhile hundreds of players spammed lag-inducing AoE spells and sneak-humped everyone, especially the dev. Three people would get an item that granted +1 to (Haggle? UMD?). Good intentions! But hopeless in execution.

  • Devil assault:
  • The videos Turbine releases about this event now make it look really fantastic! I must have had a great time. Except I only actually saw three frames in the marketplace that whole week. I was right next to the tent when it exploded too but I actually had no idea until the videos came out later.

  • Festivult:
  • A winner! The first instance included “jumping puzzles” which was kind of a head-scratcher, but still fun. And the gold coins make excellent gifts for your guildmates. The only downside is that it isn’t really an activity so much as it is a flavoring. Still, thumbs up to Festivult.

  • Risia:
  • Another winner! I especially like that the event components are tradable, it makes it more fun for those who are into the buying/selling aspect of the game. The only downside on this one is that it was run too frequently during the Great Content Drought and overloaded everyone on ice weapons and components.

  • Mabar:
  • A mixed success. Farming the undead was novel for a few days, the loot was worthwhile, and the whole thing was a nice change of place. But the raid was a return to the days of Devil Assault as hundreds of players jam a few instances of the Spectral Dragon and bring the game to its laggy knees. Following up the event by banning hundreds (thousands?) of (generally) innocent players via automated email removed what pleasant buzz remained.

  • Birthday:
  • Pure win! All of the fun of the Mabar event plus much better instancing and lag control. Monsters that are not Rogue-unfriendly. A new quest that allowed you to work with your friends, doing something fun! And best of all, zero downside.

There you have it, proof positive, the Smugglers Rest birthday event is the best event ever. What, still not convinced? How about this shot where several players model their lovely birthday hats?

Smugglers Rest

Note how many of them are boasting Skull Factors of over 9000.

Here, victorious players gather excess torches in the Crystal Cove central area where we can keep a wary eye on our Kobold Union Workers.

Crystal Cove

This torch smells funny!

Still – still? – you are not convinced? Check out this thread chock-full of haiku extolling the many virtues of the event. Or this blog post. Or this blog. Or this thread. Or this gushing review.

Hugely successful.

And for those of you who are so into schadenfreude that you simply cannot get past the millions of plat earned, I have only one thing to say:

Kobold still hate you!

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  1. I must agree. The event was fun and profitable. I made new friends that I am now grouping with. And my Gimp Favored Soul is no longer gimmped.

  2. Anything that gets my L20 main out of her Minos Legens is already on the plus side; that the event was rockin’ fun with talkative reptilians is gravy. Like, more gravy than Thanksgiving. Tooooo much gravy.

    And thanks for the trackback!

  3. Seeing as I have only been through the “Mabar” and “5-Year Birthday” events, I can’t say if this last one was the “best” or not (well, OK, I could, but it wouldn’t be valid). So, I guess I’ll just have to take your word for it.

    For now, anyway. 😉

    …But I did enjoy it more than I thought I would. I wasn’t able to get any of the upgrades (other than my hats), but I got the basics that I wanted.

    Just wished they would’ve had some of the weapon types that I actually use… 😉

  4. Neither of your rogue splashes could make use of the (awesome) spyglass?

    OTOH, the lower level items did not seem to me to be worth upgrading. I would have obtained the base items and focused on my hats too 🙂

  5. Yes, the spyglass was one of the “basic” items I managed to get, but not upgrade. The +7/+7 is nice and allowed me to dump two separate items that did the same. the teir 1 upgrade would have made them +10/+10, but I didn’t manage to get that far. Oh well – maybe if the bring it back I can. 😉

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