Nov 132015
Stupid Dogs

Stupid Dogs

…from a very reliable cranial rat, the felines had taken matters into their own paws. “There would be no Xp awarded for saving no cats on Mr Braza’s farmstead.”

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Thelanis 2006

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  1. But aren’t the cats smart enough to know that they need to run, unlike the dogs who charge head-first on to the orc’s dinner table?

    • Silly Bambi. Of course the kitties are smart enough. That’s why they’re floating away. That’s they’re escape… 🙂 Dogs are like, “oh we’re worth xp? Cool, that means adventurers will bring us ham. We like ham. We’ll stay and risk bad orcs.” 😉

  2. This update to the status quo is meowsic to my ears…

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