Dec 062016

Today’s task is reworking the combat rules, but I am not going to have time to finish.

As this illustration shows, I’ve added a “Quest board” which is divided into five ranks. Heroes and Monsters can advance or retreat one rank during their turn, but only to an existing rank – one cannot advance or retreat off the board.



The Quest Board


Cards are in Melee range of everything in the same rank, and also everything in an adjacent rank. For instance, a Monster that advances into the Neutral Zone will be in Melee range of all Heroes that are in the Neutral Zone as well as all Heroes in the Monster Front or Hero Front ranks.


A Quest in progress. But wrong, it uses the old card illustrations, and regardless I do not have time to finish the combat rules text today.

It is not possible to launch a Ranged attack while a Monster is in Melee range, even if the Hero does not have Monster Focus (unless the Hero has the feat Point Blank Shot).

I ran out of time working on illustrations for the revised Combat rules.

Also, I am not in love with the rank names, but I didn’t want to just number them either.

Anyone have any ideas what I could call these ranks? Something better than “Rank 1” or “Monster Rear” ?

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  1. I have enough trouble trying to think of class/method names – I don’t think I’ll be able to help…. πŸ™

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