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Mysterious weapon broker
There might be something good in here. Not that I would know …

One of my guild mates believes the new loot-generated random weapons are overpowered. As evidence, he points to a minimum-level 0 weapon with the effect Ghostbane I.

Ghostbane hits incorporeal, just like Ghost-Touched used to do, and it does bonus damage to undead, just like Undead Bane used to to.

“See”, he says, “over-powered. Two effects in one.”

But then I look at the twink weapon that I used to use at level 0 – a +1 Acid Rapier with Icy Burst and Force Critical. Which is now minimum level 6 and barely counts as a twink weapon at all – and I dispute his statement. For me personally, the new weapons have reduced my character’s power, at least at low levels. Not overpowered. Lesser powered.

Is this bad? Is it good?


I do not know, but it sure is confusing. Higher levels are less confusing to me; the epic-level new weapons seem clearly inferior to previous versions. No new weapon is making me put away my Drow Maul of the Weapon Master or my dual Templar’s Justice dwarven axes.

But then, even those are no longer truly top level, are they? The new top-level is minimum level 28 and they are level 20-25.

Weapons dazzle me
New names and types and effects
So mysterious

So confusing! Even the Wiki seems confused by it all.

It’s probably good that the game keeps us guessing every so often. Keeps things fresh and interesting. Plus, loot suddenly matters again. Every chest I open, every end reward list, every barrel I break, may drop something that I will directly and immediately equip, rather than just a collection of things I will be deconstructing or vending.

Before these changes, equipping something I found in a chest never happened. Never. But now, it might.

That’s a good thing, right?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Now if you want to talk about overpowered I have a ML2 +1 Greatsword of Lacerating with Icy Burst and Force Critical. As long as they are living they go down fast.

  2. I’ve been seeing effects on handwraps, of all things, that technically shouldn’t exist on bludgeoning weapons, like vorpal. Now THAT’S quite the karate chop, there. I haven’t seen low-end, but now that you mention it, I’ll have to play a few low-level toons to see what’s up with the monastic loot below 10. I’m sure it’ll be quite strange.

    • Vorpal hand wraps BOTHER me. On a very fundamental level, it says to the players “Hey, you know that feeling of awesome and accomplishment you had when you took the Vorpal Fists feat? You like that? Didja? Didja? WELL TOO BAD!!! We’re taking it away and making it into something any Heroic-level schmuck can pull as trash loot! You’re welcome!”

      • Dan, I agree. Ninjas get vorpal with any piercing/slashing weapons at level 20 in the enhancements. I added Vorpal Strikes on my ninja as well, and she wears Manslayer goggles, and will neg level something on a 20. It’s probably overkill, in the literal sense.

        If I were a betting man, the developers were told to toss in the kitchen sink in terms of attracting players/revenue.

        • From the Seventy Maxims of Highly Effective Mercenaries as brought to us by the webcomic Schlock Mercenary, I give you Maxim 37: There Is No Overkill, There Is Only “Open Fire” and “I Need To Reload”.

  3. Yes, when I first encountered Ghostbane, I got really excited, like I’d been caught in the middle of a Dan Ackroyd movie. Ghostbaners had to be cool, right? I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts! But ultimately every time a weapon effect gets changed, something I have gets nerfed. It brings to mind spell casting buff items before and after USP was introduced. I had so many Brilliance clickies on my healers that used to give a 100% boost, then casting power was changed and they became items that were an inventory slot taker-upper.

    Here’s to relearning the language of DDO!… Again!

  4. The loss of the items like Lacerating and the other “dual” suffix that we’d enjoyed since MotU is more of a concern to me. When they decided to make the loot-change to auto-calculate the ML of items and change the loot tables, it’s like they forgot about these items and just swept them under the carpet to pretend they didn’t exist.

    Personally, I’m getting tired of end rewards where half the loot is offering me Riposte items.

    Totally in favour of new items like Ghostbane, Deadly, Riposte, etc, but nobody asked them to remove the effects that we had got used to. There are now no new randomly generated “bane” items.

    Ghosttouch as a +1 effect was fine.
    Ghostbane should have been an additional effect, probably a +2 effect instead of a Ghosttouch.

    Giving with one hand and taking away with the other isn’t the way to add diversity. We’ve lost diversity with the last update. Hopefully they’ll realise their mistake and fix it.

    Generic and bland is not the direction we should be heading.

    • I believe Lacerating, Blazing, Boreal, and all the other U14 prefixes and suffixes still exist, but the new ones are getting a temporary artificial loot boost to get them circulating quickly.

  5. While I like some of the new things I just can’t seem to find the right combo.
    Would truly love a level 6 quarterstaff with holy and ghostbane, if it had a redslot I would skyrocket!

  6. I’m hoping the multi-effect prefix & suffixes make a comeback.. desert sand is one of my favourites 🙂

  7. What I dislike is the Paragon +.5 weapon damage making pretty much every loot gen item as good if not better than the named items we’ve fought and farmed for.

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