Jan 262011


Boring winter lull
Only one football game left
Devs invisible

(must be read with a heavy sigh at the end)

Outside my window
Howling wind, nothing but gray
Need news from Turbine

(nothing makes you put on extra layers like a cold howling wind)

Rumors everywhere
Always like this in winter
DDO doldrums

Soon comes the thaw. In more than one way.

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  1. Pretty good haiku
    Even if a bit gloomy
    But winter does that. 😉

    (and yes, the plural of “haiku” is “haiku”…but I did have to look it up.) 😉

  2. Ah hah an interesting tidbit! My previous favorite word that was the same in singular and plural was “moose”.

    As in…

    No matter how many moose you gather, they probably won’t write many haiku


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