Jun 142016

Every time I walk anywhere in my house, I see a cat. And they are always, always, up to something. Sometimes the cat is up to something fun. Sometimes the cat is up to something bad. Usually, both, fun and bad! But always up to something.

I have this theory that having two cats is pretty much like having one cat except more often. With one cat, sometimes when you look up from whatever it is you are doing, there is a cat, watching you. When you have two cats, there is always a cat. But three is different; three is not just like one except more so. Three is like having a small gang. You don’t even have to look up anymore, there is always a cat wherever you may go.

And they are always up to something.

They each have a talent. One of them is a crazy-good acrobat, leaping amazing distances with dazzling athleticism, able to find and point out bugs like no one’s business. Another is a food specialist – able to rip a hole in any bag of kibble in mere moments, almost as quickly as you can lay it down and pick it up. She once managed to open a tin can! Not enough to eat anything inside but enough to let the juices spill out. A tin can! And the third is the escape artist; he pushes and pulls doors open unless they are thoroughly latched, and even then he will shake them until they (sometimes, not often) come open anyway. If the door remains closed he will stretch up to bat at the doorknob – he’s figured out that the doorknob is somehow involved, he just hasn’t figured out how to use it properly.

And that is our salvation: lack of opposable thumbs. The only thing keeping the escape artist from escaping, the only thing keeping the food specialist out of the food, the only thing keeping the athlete off of the chandeliers and curtain rods.

Just that one thing.

I can’t even imagine a world where cats have thumbs, but I can imagine a world where they have wings. Not true that, not exactly, not me imagining it, someone has already imagined it for me.


Flying Kitty


These are called Tressym.

I don’t think I’d want one. How would you keep up with it? How would you keep it out of the places you don’t want it to be? I guess you wouldn’t. But doors would still work, those with round door knobs at least.

So …. cats with thumbs? Or cats with wings? *

I guess I’d choose wings.

But really, I like my cats the way they are.

🙂 😀 🙂

* Definitely not thumbs! Oh. My. God. the horrors! Cats with thumbs! Flee while you can!

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  1. They may not have opposable thumbs, but Tressym can talk. Whether they think you’re worthy of speaking to is another matter – and those you see in Eveningstar aren’t even pets, they just live there and are legally protected, like the ponies on Dartmoor here in England – seriously, you think a fox getting into your bins is bad, it’s nothing compared to having 2 or 3 horses decide your garden is a fun place to be.

  2. I have two cats, and I agree completely. Except I think there are more talents than what you described. One of my cats is a people person and will greet me at the door. The other cat will sleep all day until she hears a doorbell, a vacuum, or a sports game. Then she vanishes into thin air and won’t come out until at least an hour after the game or cleaning has ended or an hour after the visitor leaves.

  3. Unlike dogs, cats have never been truly domesticated. Which of course leads to much amusement 🙂

    I imagine cats with thumbs would be like monkeys… Then imagine flying monkeys! Fly my pretties!

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