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Beatifica Evildoers Beware illustrates Leap of Faith
Flying through Meridia, loving every minute of it

I love Abundant Step. So much that I had to write about it, twice. And it remains just as awesome as it has ever been.

But Leap of Faith may be even better.

For one thing, it looks better. There are the wings. Literally. Wings appear, and your Favored Soul glows like a candle, becoming the visual angelic embodiment of all that is good and right. Even an Eeeeevil Favored Soul looks angelic when Leaping.

It is also technically superior in that Leap of Faith automatically turns on Feather Fall while Abundant Step does not. But a monk already has Slow Fall and can certainly add a Feather Fall item. And maybe there are situations where Feather Fall is bad; not that I can think of any at the moment.

Both Leap of Faith and Abundant Step add play features that are unavailable any other way:

  • Enhanced mobility: one can outrun anything
  • Better movement range: one can reach places that are otherwise inaccessible

I should correct the above statement, there is one item in the game that provides the same burst. Cannith Boots of Propulsion, a surprisingly common loot drop in one of the House C quests. I thought they also dropped in the rare chests of the Cannith Manufactory but the wiki is silent on this so maybe not.

But I digress. Boots of Propulsion work for anyone, but they are a poor man’s substitute for the real thing. On the plus side, the Boots allow any character to experience the enhanced mobility and movement range. On the minus side, they only have one charge and need 10 minutes to recharge. Ten minutes!

I spent awhile trying to get a good image of Beatifica flying about on her new wings, but I can’t. She’s moving too fast, apparently even screenshots have a form of shutter speed and she’s exceeding it. Also, she glows so brightly that all of her features become indistinct.

The image above is the best I could do, after close to an hour of trying.

So instead, a video:

It doesn’t look nearly as impressive as it feels.

So I ran an experiment to see exactly how much further one could Leap of Faith than one could just regularly jump. Not very scientific, but here you go:

Just a regular leap Regular jump
Leap of Faith Regular jump

About twice as far? Hard to judge exactly, but certainly much, much further.

And that is the point. You can get places with Leap of Faith that you just can’t reach in regular play. Or you can get to the same old places you always get, but much, much faster. Or both.

How awesome is that?

Never mind the rhetorical question. I will tell you awesome it is.

Completely awesome. Thoroughly awesome. Awesome in every way.

In case you can’t tell, I am very much in favor of Leap of Faith. It is one of my favorite things in a game full of my favorite things.

Go get some for yourself. You’ll see.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. What about Draconic Incarnation’s Flyby Attack, Shadar-kai’s Shadow Jaunt, or Vanguard tree’s Shield Charge? lol.
    I agree, when I am without a form of Abundant Step I miss it terribly.

    • Excellent points, I shall have to try out all of them for myself! I’ll let you know …

    • There’s also snowslide for druids while in wolf form – damage as you pass through stuff with a chance to freeze them, plus increased running speed for a few seconds afterwards too… and it seems to have the longest leap distance too, though that can sometimes be a problem in certain places πŸ™‚

  2. Some insecurity during the regular leap was noticeable at the end. Don’t worry about redoing the GIF though, I don’t think any of the other judges noticed the extra step-and-ahalf. πŸ˜‰

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