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A boy and his dog

A boy and his (Winter Wolf Pup) dog

The Winter Wolf Pup is a special companion that is not available in the DDO store, and exists solely for the purpose of being swag handed out by Turbine at conventions. To get one, you had to attend Pax, Pax East, or GenCon. Or know someone who did.

Having said that, the developers gave out hundreds of them, maybe thousands, and I continue to see them everywhere in game. In fact, I wonder if there is anyone left who wants one of these but does not already have one?

Let’s find out.

I happen to have an extra code for a Winter Wolf Pup. To redeem it, you enter the code on your myaccount.turbine page. Next, you’ll find a special coupon in the inventory of each of your characters. Take the coupon to Caypenne Drop-Axe in the Harbor and she’ll exchange it for the Pup.

You also get a swag bag of greater experience and slayer boost potions, totally worthwhile even if you are ambivalent about cosmetic companions.

I'm down here!
Coin: I want to redeem this coupon. Hey! Hello … Down here!
Caypenne: <glower>

Only one of your characters can turn in the coupon for the Pup but all of your characters can turn in the coupon for a swag bag. Additional swag bags all contain lesser potions rather than greater ones. Still, free XP boosts, this is always a good thing.

Want to win? Just write a haiku about DDO or creature companions or this blog or anything you like that is even a little bit game-related and add it to the comments in this post.

That’s it, a simple haiku, doesn’t even have to be good (that wouldn’t be fair, none of mine are any good).

One haiku. One comment. One Winter Wolf Pup.

I will pick the winner randomly from all entries. I’ll keep the contest open till next Friday (to be precise, 7AM EST) and announce the winner that day. Expect daily reminders because I am just like that.

The whole thing expires December 31, so there’s no time to waste. Win this Pup and get it redeemed!

Sad Winter Wolf Pup
Lonely, pining for a home 🙁
Let’s have a contest!

See? No skill or talent required.

🙂 😀 🙂


  28 Responses to “Win The Last (?) Winter Wolf Pup Companion”

Comments (28)
  1. Need an example?
    just say “I love DDO”
    or something like that

    There you go a perfect example of how to win the Winter Wolf Pup. Get with the haiku-writing!

  2. mini beholders
    desperately wanted but
    still nowhere in sight


  3. Quarrels rattling
    I am my giant crossbow
    Afternoon delight

  4. A mini beholder would be sweet …oh yeah the poem how about a song? “Sang to the rythm of oh Christmas tree ”
    Oh winter wolf oh winter wolf oh how I want to pet you. I’ll take you adventuring every night and protect you in every fight
    Oh winter wolf oh winter wolf I love your puppy kisses LOL

  5. A chest of treasure!
    How many had to die first?
    Kobold still hate you!

  6. swinging my axe (miss)
    thrusting my blade (miss)
    On the floor I lie, my pup licks my face (lick!)

  7. (Still black as ever,
    The comment entry boxes,
    makes commenting hard.)

    And now – the entry:

    Winter wolf pup’s nice,
    But the one I’d really like –
    Gelatinous cube.

  8. Down around the bend, the dog is man’s best friend,
    So surely for an elf, a wolf you would send.

  9. Alas, I must pine
    my creativity is
    in quite short supply.

  10. Give me wolf you shall
    Or the nuts will feel my wrath
    True story this is

  11. It feels cold to touch
    Me because alas I’m just
    A lonely winter wolf

  12. Oh little white wolf
    Party’s bane in Baldur’s Gate
    But at least its cute

  13. Cute little puppy
    Barbarian will love you
    will name you Weego!

  14. Cute little wolf pup
    How i wish you were mine, yes
    I never win things.

  15. Dumb Kobold Shaman
    Running into totem poles
    “yark” he says, falling

  16. Solo by nature
    Canines are excellent pals
    Best friends forever

  17. summer turns to autum
    leaves fall from the tree
    the tree stands alone

  18. Hop off the cliff
    Feather Fall item not equipped
    Impending death so sad

  19. Incoming fireball
    arg, saving throw failure
    new soul stone appears

  20. A cold breeze does weep,
    Festivult is nigh about,
    Risia doth hail.

  21. So close to end
    Now we need to wait at bay
    Just a little longer

  22. An old tired dog-
    To Kruz he does speak,
    Burns! Young pup again.

  23. Big wolf druid build
    Got no winter wolf puppy
    Not complete enough

  24. Everybody got a puppy
    But the ones that live overseas
    So I just say: please choose me!

  25. So unfair to rangers
    Where are our animal companions?
    It’s cosmetic, but it’s here!

  26. Thank you everyone for your entries!

    Winner will be announced Soon™

  27. I want a puppy
    I do not want to write this
    I will anyways

  28. What a great response, thank you again to everyone who entered.

    Check out the winners at

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