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Win the Last Copy of this Book!

Quijonnn Dragonfist has not only put together an amazing tribute to the game he loves, he’s using his powers for good, helping to promote the game. Several of us with public DDO forums were given a copy of the book as a thank you. A few of us were reserved an extra copy for the express purpose of giving them away.

DDOCast gave theirs away as part of their grand 400th episode celebration. DDO Players gave theirs away as part of their grand 50th episode celebration.

DDOGamer doesn’t have episodes nor grand celebrations; just a daily dose of inanity and drivel. Nonetheless, we do have a reserved copy of the Stormreach Campaign to give away. The last copy. The very last one.

It seems fitting to give this copy away in a very DDOGamer-specific way. And so we shall, by generating a gathering cloud of (probably) bad haiku. Here’s how it will work:

The Last Stormreach Campaign Contest

  • Everyone can enter by adding a comment to this blog post. Any comment, haiku or not haiku or whatever. Anything.
  • Everyone can earn extra entries by sending me haiku
The rules:

Comment entries are limited to one per email account. I will disregard extra entries, even if they contain haiku.

Haiku entries are not limited at all, enter as often as you like, but must be entered using the form on this blog post. Any haiku counts, any at all; good, bad, about nature, not about nature, 5/7/5, 5/7/7, whatever. Even if your entry is not really haiku at all. If it looks like you tried, I’ll count it.

Haiku entries on twitter, the forums, facebook, or any media other than being submitted through this form are invalid.

I will randomly select one entry (from all of the valid entries) as the winner, and Quijonn Dragonfist will mail that winner the Last Copy of the Stormreach Campaign.

The entry period for the contest starts now, and continues through November 13. It will take a few days to validate entries and determine a winner; the winner will be announced during the week of 11/16-11/20, here in this space. Expect another delay in receiving the actual book, seeing as how it is most likely coming from an entirely different continent.

Haiku Entry Form

By entering, you give DDOGamer limited rights to your entry. Specifically, the right to publish your entry, here and possibly on other social media.

So have at it, good readers, the game is afoot. Enter once, or enter often; totally stuff the ballot box if that is how you roll. Just as a reminder, the prize is the most amazing DDO fan work ever:

Not just empty points
This contest has a real prize:
The Stormreach Campaign

See? Like I said, it doesn’t have to be good. Any old haiku will do.

Happy haiku-ing, everyone!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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Comments (58)
  1. The entry is sent
    No more counting syllables
    Unless that’s your bag.

  2. {starts trying to think of bad haiku}

  3. first really bad haiku sent XD

  4. So now I wonder
    Should I post a haiku then?
    Eh, I’d better not.

  5. Three cheers for Quijonnn!!! (and Geoff)

  6. Very cool, all around.


  7. DDOGamer
    +1 Quijohn makes me happy
    Trees gone I am sad

  8. Couldn’t read this post and not leave an entry. Wow, this contest is amazing. Wait, did I say amazing? I meant AMAZING!!!!!

  9. So, I just comment once for one entry, and then haiku as much as I can by filling out that form for unlimited entries. How will the winner know they’ve won? You said it will be “announced… here in this space,” does that mean to be checking for a new blog post on this site on those dates?

  10. I don’t even know what Haiku is to do it ….guess 1 entry for me.

  11. I finally got around to reading some of the PDF when travelling today. That’s some detailed work, and so very kind of Quijonn to commission and sent out bound editions to you all for free. Big thumbs up.

  12. I spend so much time
    not matter how hard I try
    these things never rhyme

    Good luck to everyone – as Geoff says, DDOGamer have the final fansite copy to give away.

    If you do not know
    the rules of proper Haiku
    Google is your friend

  13. OK Geoff, I’ve bookmarked this page. Prepare to get bombarded with (mostly) bad haiku

  14. Nice contest, too bad I’m horrible at haikus….

  15. A comment. {Really? No one else did that first?}

  16. Did the “send a message” thing, but figured I’d post this way as well in case I boogered it up. Please ignore any double-post, should such an problem occur:

    Bacon, oh bacon.
    Breakfast is just another
    meal without bacon.

  17. Awesome book. Thank you for doing this Quijonnn.

  18. Old (bad) haiku I made up in high school sent… now just doing the whole ‘comment’ thing.

  19. Looks cool.

  20. So I sent a haiku and left a message, because the book looks awesome, and I forgot to send in a vampire picture earlier πŸ™‚

  21. I’d like to own a copy of this book

  22. I would love to win this book – it looks stunning xxx

  23. I have a concern,
    Re unlimited entry,
    It is truly fair?

    (hehe, I’m now wondering about palindromic haiku… Or at least in a phoneme sense.)

  24. Much delight it brings
    Discovery of the lore
    And very much more

  25. remember that comments only count as one entry, whether they are haiku or not.

    Extra entries (and yes Bob, as many as you like) need to be submitted via the form.

  26. A very interesting project, would love to have it πŸ™‚

  27. Tossing my hat in for this wonderful work of history and art!

  28. I’ll save my haikus for the haiku entry form.

  29. OK, I finally see the “comments” button down below, after submitting a two haikus and not seeing them show up.

    Here was my latest:

    Oh testing testing
    My haiku did not
    Go Through the Interwebs

    • So it goes as a soul from the last blast mistress
      Known for premises beyond low
      Though far fairly flows where the great storm reaches

  30. If I posted a bunch of haiku first, does this non-haiku entry still count?

  31. So it goes as a soul from the last blast mistress
    Known for premises beyond low
    Though far fairly flows where the great storm reaches

  32. Poetry, not for me, but I will take a swing anyway

  33. Commenting a comment
    Redundant redundancy
    Entry submitted

  34. I am not doing poetry, no matter what the prize is.

  35. Haiku, Haiku, oh how I suck at Haiku.

  36. I entered but the format looked as if it ruined my true but lame attempt at haiku.

    In honor of Geoff and Gamer child:

    The two zerg ahead
    In tandem they go forward
    to kill together

  37. Oy, are you undead?
    Come, let us be about it.
    Here, use this portal.

  38. wanna win the book! πŸ˜€

  39. A free book to win
    about DDO dot com.
    What a great idea.

  40. Just submitted my 7th or so haiku:

    Do these entries stack?
    Or is it like DDO:
    Just best haiku counts

  41. this is not a poem
    unless it is in costume
    okay it is not

  42. I am glad to have read this post. In a very small guild in Cannith “Band of the Silver Moose” and we are TRing as a guild soon. Looks like a pathway to try with more flavor as opposed to more favor and xp.

    • Remember that you don’t need to go Elite all the way if you don’t want to – there’s plenty of XP available – more than enough to get you easily to 20.

  43. Entering a comment and hopefully the sweet pages of this hardbound.

  44. Free stuff? Count me in!

    I’m too lazy to bother posting haikus right now, though, and I don’t want to go find my poetry folder.

  45. OK, terrible haiku entries submitted in bulk πŸ˜€

  46. Damn! It had to be
    Haiku. I hate Haiku. Why
    not chose limericks?

  47. Rules of adventuring:
    1. Don’t die.
    2. When in doubt, break it/hit it.
    3. In regards to rule 2, if it doesn’t break or take damage, it’s either a wall, rock, or tree. Ignore those.
    4. There is never enough ale!
    5. What was my point again?

  48. Ok, I’ll send a comment as well. But expect Haikus.

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