Sep 192014

DDO Stormhorns

This is a lovely image that I captured several months back while wandering the Stormhorn Mountains. It is really quite lovely, I encourage you to click it so that you can revel in its full-size loveliness.

The larger version is quite suitable for use as a wallpaper. In fact I’d already published it for that purpose. And I am using it for my background image on twitter even as we speak.

Lovely, undeniably so. A masterpiece of development work. But also, familiar, in a way that I instantly recognized but could not quite bring to the forefront of my brain.

I have seen this image somewhere before. But where? I looked and searched (this predated the Google Image search) but gave up. My wildflower detective work had failed; I would have to just stumble across it again.

And then last week, I did.

Lake Tekapo, NZ

This! This is the image! Our Stormhorns appear to be based off of a lovely place in New Zealand called Lake Tekapo. And it is truly lovely, at least judging by the pictures, breathtakingly, indescribably beautiful. I may have to find a way to go there, someday, in person rather than “en camera”.

If one is going to base a wilderness off of something in real life, I cannot imagine a better choice of model.

Thus inspired, and having since been introduced to the Google image search*, I make my way back there and search using the original DDO screenshot that started all of this.

* I like to use Bing to find Google rather than just going there directly. Doing so makes me laugh inside. I know how odd this makes me, but I am already hopeless and have long ago given up on worrying about “normal”.

Look what else Google found:


I can’t tell where this is, in all of it’s sizes and versions it appears to be labeled descriptively but not precisely (most commonly, it is simply called “Spring”), but I surely do appreciate it’s beauty.

And this is how visually appealing the Stormhorn Mountains really are. So beautiful that even Google conflates them with the very prettiest places on Earth.

Sometimes I forget just how awesome this game can be. Then something like this reminds me.

Just lovely.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. There have been several games where when playing them you just stop and want to “frolic” through a meadow. I think Oblivion was the first game for me where I spent countless hours just walking around taking screenshots.

    As for the Bing-ing Google…”Don’t cross the streams. It would be very bad” ~ Dr Egon Spengler

  2. My Moment of “Hey Turbine well done. Ty” comes from a much more subdued and understated touch further up the slopes. Where the paths narrow and snow begins to stake it’s claim by the sheer weight of elevation’s inevitable creep. I had taken a wrong turn somewhere back there—>? and as the guildies tried to right my keel I was swept back 30 years to a cold, overcast morning atop an icy wind-swept ridge at Fortress Mountain ski “resort” in Kananaskis. The low-sweeping wind, hugging the contours of the mountain, diving over the precipice and filled with that cold snow-dust really delivered.

    I no longer ski snow these scenes are only covered by the years. The flowers and meadow thing are my regular pastime so I tend to need posts like this to remind me of them.

    Thanks again to whoever it was in the development team who decided that special, til now unrecognized? ….touch of magic. πŸ™‚

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