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It has come to the attention of the editorial staff here at DDOGamer that certain publications of a <ahem> less than stellar news-gathering and objectivity reputation, – meaning, yes, the tabloids and gossip rags – will occasionally run a feature where they capture photographs of two celebrities wearing similar outfits and then poll their readers as to which wears the ensemble “better”.

“Better” being highly subjective, as in every case that we have personally noted, both celebrities were wearing the attire properly; no one had it on backwards, nor inside-out. They seem to have essentially indistinguishable clothing-wearing skills. Thus “better” is left purely to the opinion of the reader/voter/person-who-is-scanning-TMZ-instead-of-working.

These side-by-side comparison features seem quite popular. And DDOGamer would love to some day be considered “of less than stellar reputation”! What a tremendous upgrade that would be!
And thus is born DDOGamer’s first-ever “Who Wears It Better (Shoulderpads Version)” poll. So please, pick. Who wears it better?

Who Wears It Better (Shouldpads Version)


Which is it? Thela Bonmar, follower of the Cult of the Dragon, prisoner of the Purple Dragon Knights, and turncoat who becomes the quest giver for the raid Temple of the Deathwyrm?

Or Joan Collins, scourge of the Carrington Dynasty, ex-wife of Blake Carrington, and all-around 80’s fashion frontrunner?

In keeping with the apparent spirit behind these sorts of things, we at DDOGamer have enabled this poll to allow repeat voting. You may vote for your favorite as many times as you like! Go ahead, mash that button over and over and over! Power your choice to victory through the sheer tenacity of your muscular click finger!

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  1. Oh the days of the huge shoulder pads….I always thought them strange looking.

  2. Joan Collins. She’s now more machine than man…

  3. …Those aren’t shoulder pads. They’re wings, just starting to grow in.

  4. I am a Natalie and a Natalie wants to say that both scare the Cracker Jack out of me!

  5. Nobody beats Alexis.

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