Apr 122012

Ever see both of them in the same room?

Ever see both of them
in the same room? Hmmmm …

I’ve asked a lot of stupid questions over the years but this is probably the stupidest. Who is this guy? I mean, other than being the NPC that gives the Shroud quest?

The very first time I zoned into Meridia I was struck by the NPC on the load screen. He looked … different. All of the other NPCs in the game have fairly generic facial features. Especially the males. Geometry and symmetry and not a lot else.

But this guy is different. He looks more like a real person. I decided he probably was a real person, probably a dev, that mapped his face onto the character for giggles. I mean, if I was a DDO dev there would be all kinds of weirdness in the game that I thought was funny.

Then I was watching videos from Pax East and I realized I was watching Aaseamah Screven presenting. In the form of DDO producer Fernando Paiz.

I cannot think of a single question that matters less, but still, I wonder. Are Aaseamah and Fernando one and the same?

I can see it in the eyes. The faces are held at differing angles so it is difficult to compare shape. And of course, Aaseamah would be a six-year old version of Fernando even if I am correct.

What do you think? Am I totally hallucinating? Again?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You might be onto something.

  2. That’s impossible! Clark Kent wears glasses. Superman doesn’t. Hello??? This is the exact same difference. I mean… without the glasses, of course.

  3. I think you might be right. Either that or your starting to drink the same crazy juice as me.

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