Feb 152013

DDO remains down for a new billing system, for what is now being described as an unknown amount of time. Or at least, one that has no ETA which I consider to be the same thing.

The valiant DDO staff was apparently up through most of the night, engaging us via a variety of social media, even throwing in random contests for Turbine Points on the forums, on twitter (twice), and on facebook.

But no game greeted us this morning in spite of everyone’s best efforts.

More than 24 hours. Unprecedented in DDO history. My Gamer Girl has played many online games, going all the way back to the very first MMOs and she cannot remember anything like it, for any game.

It feels weird, I wouldn’t have been playing last night regardless, it was Valentine’s Day. But the fact that I couldn’t play was troublesome. I remember back when I was a smoker, I never needed a cigarette as badly as when I was out of them. I wonder if there is some connection there?

We want that which we cannot have the most?

But I digress. My intention this morning is to give you a few reminders of favorite game moments. Just snippets, mo long stories, but a glimpse, maybe they will trigger some memories for you too.

Don’t worry, we’ll get through this, together! 🙂

Prepping to face the Demon Queen
Prepping to face the Demon Queen

A dramatic shot, made imperfect only because one Warforged couldn’t be bothered to face the right way. I don’t think we were posing or anything, just buffing, but the image came out fantastically regardless.

Onboard the SS Bedroom Furniture
Onboard the Airship “Bedroom Furniture”

Nothing like taking a dozen beds and bookshelves for a ride into insanity. But at least we have shrines.

Portrait of a fleeting moment
Getting Halfling Commandos to hold still for a portrait is a thankless task

And one that rarely works. Even here, even though there are only four of us, we still couldn’t get it exactly right. And this is the best of about 20 screenshots I took in that attempt to get a nice-looking portrait.

Lord of Blades looking lordly
Yes, I am a badass, and thank you for noticing

You have to figure that the Lord of Blades would be most unwelcome at the balloon factory.

The tiniest of chests
Tiny, tiny chest

This one just gives a key but there are several others in the game that contain random loot. For some reason, I always get giant sets of armor out of these tiny, tiny chests.

Faerun looks so different
Sunset over Eveningstar

The new world is beautiful, isn’t it?

Do you have any memories to share?

Looking at these is making me want to get back in there and make some more memories of my own. Come on billing system, get out of the way and let us in!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Sunset over Evenngstar? You mean It actually happens??? You sure couldn’t tell from the number of times I’ve run around KF or HR for hours waiting for nightfall to play with some werewolves *g*

    Good pics! I don’t think I’ve seen any tiny, tiny chests, but I’ve seen a few ginormous ones that only contained a bit of plat and some gems… maybe they should switch. Either that, or the tiny, tiny chests belong to the Doctor.

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