Jul 052013

This all started a few weeks back, when a facebook user named John Brownlow posted this on the DDOCast facebook page:


You guys gonna start having segments from other players like the good old days? No offence but putting Geoff on the show doesn’t make up for it


With which, by the way, I agree. Segments are cool, and having me on the show doesn’t make up for anything. Quite the contrary, I feel like now the show owes everyone a special favor for putting up with me. At least one.

But I digress. The comment started a thread where we learned that Anne & Sig never chose to stop having segments, in fact would love to have more, but no one is submitting them. Much silliness ensued including Anne at one point suggesting that I should stretch myself in ways that I think would make everyone very uncomfortable:


Geoff you should sing or do a rap! Can’t let Luidwig, Lessa, and Clanky have all the spotlight in the singing talent category.


This could have been the end of this story, really we would all be better off if this whole idea had been left to just die, twisting in the digital ether of facebook, unremarked and unencouraged.

But no.

User Adam Newsome (who turns out to be Kobay from the DDO blog Gaming with Kobay) decides that I ought to rap. And then, a few comments later, things got real:


Tell you what, Geoff Hanna does a rap for us… and I’ll work on a Segment. Sounds like a fair trade to me.


I still would have been happy to let it go. For the good of the world if no other reason. But no. Adam again, several days later:


Getting my crew and resources together this weekend to do some recording for a new DDOCast segment. Already called everyone up and we are working on a Script. Gonna be called ‘Kobay and Friends’. πŸ˜‰ Just waiting to hear a rap from Geoff Hanna.


Not just on facebook but on twitter too:


Kobay Civello ‏@DDOKobay 10 Jun
Hear that, @geoffhanna You gotta rap for us on the next DDOCast. πŸ™‚ In barter for a segment. haha!


And so, my choices limited, I scrambled about for a way to respond and also obtain a new segment for DDOCast. Just to be clear, I do not rap, and we are all better off for this. Nor do I sing. I am not shy, I’ll try most anything, but singing and rapping are things that always work out unpleasantly (I say “unpleasantly” but mean “painfully destructively awful”) when I am involved.

So instead, this. From DDOCast 291:

Sorry everyone but he made me do it.

Your serve, Adam/Kobay.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. While I will happily take the new segment, I regret to information you that this does not qualify as.per.terms.of the agreement reached.

  2. Work up to rap, start with a beat poem πŸ™‚

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