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A Mysterious, Rune-Covered Ceiling
A Mysterious, Rune-Covered Ceiling
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I can’t talk about the thing I really want to talk about this morning – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – because I am still three episodes behind and because I don’t want to spoiler it for anyone else who may be even further behind.

We stopped watching the series when Captain America: the Winter Soldier came out because it was obvious that the TV series and the movie were intertwined and watching them out of sequence would spoiler something. It took us about four weeks to get to the movie, but we finally did last weekend and are now starting to catch up to the TV series episodes that have been accumulating on our DVR.

And now, I want to talk about it! But no. Can’t. Too spoilery. And remember, I am still three episodes behind, so DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS.


So instead, I want to talk about single-weapon fighting and the Swashbuckler prestige enhancement tree. Vargouille posted about this again, with greater detail on the SWF feats. Except I just wrote about this two days ago, and I am very frustrated that he seems intent on conflating the two things as the way to justify each of them.

This approach is sub-optimal. Turbine needs to make SWF good enough to stand alone as a viable option even without Swashbuckler. Doing so will also make Swashbuckler a success as SWF will be something people want and Swashbuckler will be the best SWF.

But I wrote all this two days ago, nothing has really changed except that now we have more information about the (seemingly wrong) way that Vargouille is (seemingly insistent) on doing it.


Another topic down. Leaving me with this screenshot. I wonder where I took it?

I know it is a ceiling somewhere, that one had to look up to see it, and that I was surprised as I had been in that location – wherever it was – many times before without noticing the shining runes.

But I have no clue where it was. I want to use it in my next wallpaper collection, but it would be nice if I could give it an accurate caption.

Examining my screenshot folder, the one on the left of this shot is from Threnal, while the one on the right is from the Titan pre-raid. So it could from either one, or alternatively, from somewhere else completely.

Rune-covered ceiling
Glimmering golden portents
Mysterious signs

Seriously, I have no idea. None. It could be from anywhere.

Anyone have a clue?

🙂 😀 🙂


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  1. Spoiler alert: everyone dies! Oh wait… Wrong show. Nevermind!

  2. Everything’s fine. Return to your homes.

    hail hydra

  3. There are some nice things in the Swashbuckler tree, but they may still update it with “new” ideas 😉

    As for that ceiling, I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before, but where is it???

  4. Yeah, I offered up a suggestion on SWF that at least one person completely poo-pooed (you may want to go and look for my post in the thread…or not). I intend to write a clarification because, well, quite frankly my idea is better (hehehe). It may need to be adjusted, but it’s still “better”. 😀

    As far as SHIELD – I’m much further behind than you on that…and several other shows this season. I’m planning on catching up sometime “SOON™”…

    • Ideas are dangerous!

      I haven’t even started watching the show, and I’m behind on the films… Apparently I have to sync the films with the TV show?

  5. Isn’t that in the Twelve-The Lord of Eyes quest?

  6. I know for certain.

    It is the ceiling of the end-fight room for “The Keeper’s Sanctuary.”

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