Dec 192014

Trap? Where?
Something is missing from the game.

Something obvious.

Something important.

Something … hireling-ey.

Yes. Hirelings! Why is there only one hireling over level 25? And no rogues at all above 24?

My Gamer Girl takes all the Summons buffs. Partly because she likes summoning things, but a lot because of one dude – Iessin – who is so clueless even at level 24 Elite trapsmithing that one needs to be able to buff the hell out of him just to have hope.

But he is all we have.

He has such a sad face, concentrating so hard, knowing in advance that he is going to fail us. “I’m not really bad (at traps)”, his sad face seems to say, “I’m just drawn that way.”

Poor dude. Giving his all, knowing all along that his all won’t be enough.

It’s gotten so bad, my Gamer Girl spent the last few weeks in an on-and-off again quest to acquire an epic Roderic’s Wand, just to buff Iessin that much the better. She succeeded last night – thank you Update 24 increased drop rates! – so we’ll soon see if the extra boost is enough.

Enter DDOGamer's 3100-Turbine Point contest!But I think we already know what the answer will be, at least when  running the highest level quests.

Shouldn’t there be a level 28 Rogue? For that matter, shouldn’t there be a level 28 healer too? And a mage? And a meleer? Yes, the hireling AI is still a mess. Yes, they still don’t do what you want, and do everything you don’t want. Yes, Update 24 broke the new hireling control panels. I get it. Hirelings are a pain.

We know all that. But at least, the hirelings are still there. Until you hit level 25, and then, with one exception, they simply are not there at all.

Nil. Zip. Nada.

Seems like a pretty big hole, doesn’t it?

How about it Turbine? Got any level 28 hirelings in the queue?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Hm, that is interesting. I don’t have anybody higher than level 23 and didn’t even realize that there weren’t any hirelings post level 25.

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