Sep 252014

Jackpot at the weekly dice rollScreenshot: yes this really did happen

Two unusual things happened to me yesterday. One had happened before, one most decidedly had not. Look at the image above. Even though it looks like I rolled a 12 (the daily dice UI is most confusing), I did not.

  1. I rolled a 100 on my special weekly gold roll Daily Dice (this has happened before)
  2. Somehow that 100 jackpot result was resolved to be a +6 Tome (this has never happened)

This does not happen to me at all. Not tomes. Not like this. I’ve never even gotten a +5. As recently as last year, I got all gushy over getting my first-ever +4.

And now, +6. Yowza.

Too bad it is Charisma. I don’t have a character that is high enough level to use this, or at least not one which also has Charisma as a prime stat. A fighter, a barbarian, a wizard, an artificer, a Commando. CHA is a dump stat for all of them. My hagglebot-with-benefits sorceror can use the tome (and oh boy can she use that tome!) but not for another couple of levels. Assuming she gets those levels, poor Coin gets used almost daily but only for transactions, never for leveling.

I would trade it with someone for DEX or CON or STR or really, anything that isn’t CHA but alas, the tome is Bound to Account. I will have to eat it myself.

But this is a small matter. I have a +6 tome! I do, me, this guy! Something I have never had before, and probably will never have again.


Double yowza!

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  1. I pulled a +6 wisdom tome once which was very nice, and it came with the bonus prize of a headcrab 🙂

    Still, charisma, don’t diss it too much, on a shintao monk that’s +3 to your kukan-do DC for example, or any character with fvs/cleric/paladin levels that’s an extra +3 strength when you activate divine power, or +3umd.

  2. Wow. Congrats. I rolled a 100 some weeks ago, and I got a BtC +0 LR heart… which is pretty much useless to me, as all of my toons still have all LR hearts they’ve ever gotten, as I’ve never used one.

  3. Congratulations!

    And there was me thinking I’d done well with a 99 gaining a +5 Spellcraft skill tome at the weekend 😀

  4. Hm, seems its a bit of a trend, or just all of us hitting a lucky spot. In the last week or so I have gotten 2 +1 Tomes, a couple of skill tomes (not just updates) and 2 upgrade tomes for my daily dice!

  5. I don’t think I’ve rolled anything over 50 in…seems like years.

    OK, maybe 75…

  6. I didn’t used to understand what people meant by a dump stat, then someone explained it to me, I’m still not sure I understand, I’m also pretty sure charisma isn’t one … lol 😀

    Congrats on the tome.

  7. Alas the RNG hates me.. but Great Job!

  8. Wowzers! Congratulations and TY for sharing!!!

  9. Wow, I want one! Nice! btw, the 12 has an astral shard in the background. That tells me you didn’t do your daily roll yet so the cost of ANOTHER weekly roll is discounted by 3 and would use up your daily. 15 – 3 = 12.

  10. Wow congrats indeed!!

  11. Congratz!!! I am VIP too and I actually roll all the weekly gold dice for every server once a week plus the silver. Best I got was +6 INT tome not too long ago, several upgrade skills tomes +4 and +5 (very hard to use) and a couple of pets – useless things IMO – but the tome was on Sarlonas and I play on Orien only, LOL. Did not use to be on every servesr but because of the birthday cards I started trying to pull the rare cards but no luck there either.

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