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Epic Thirst in 3BC

Epic Thirst in 3BC


Today is a sick-day. No work for me and probably very little play. Not a day to play hooky and curl up with a good XP-train. You see, I’m not sick, Luedwig (7-life dwarf paragon)is not sick nor is Jasperpoo my panther cub. There is a pall of depression lingering over the Owlbear nest, however; the Owlbears are not sick either. Their blues are a sort of residue left over from the careless remarks of a certain analyst months ago. My lyrical revenge is enroute btw! Ok, so, who is sick? Padi-won is sick. Padi-Won is my girl cockatiel. The boy is named Obi-Won on account of his being so friendly and touch-touch. Padi-Won has always been cute…..but easily seduced to the Dark Side. Her personality aside, some egg laying trouble in addition to a terrible swelling on her right hip requires a trip to the vet.

I am sure to visit Eberron when the servers come up later today but doubt I’ll really be “In” to playing. I don’t think anyone will be the worse-off Lol. I’ve spent a lot of time running solo Epic-Hard lately in the Fens and Sentinel’s chains. Epic elites are intense resource hogs, the Epic-Normal is laughably insulting(based on Luedwig’s class/level/build? I suppose…). The Epic-Hard is still a little too easy so to compensate I pike a character from my second account and four “hirelings” at the front door to get the scale-up feel. This has the added benefit of giving Luedwig a x2 chest bonus. 🙂 Let me state for the record: last update DID increase seal drops in these areas. I immediately pulled, on consecutive runs, a total of three seals of the Splintered Winter’s Wrath. You should hurry to get yours before someone tickets this. It seems a dev  in there want us to know what he knows: A Winter’s Wrath knows no bounds! On a sad note, I am up to Sixty+ duel-box runs since August(some with 1-2 guildies to help) and Still no Jidz seal!

Let me nest an idea here, where no one will find it and if they do find it they can easily say that they did not. Turbine: For those of us who don’t “like” scaling or who want to test their characters in a non-scaling environment please put a toggle on the quest dialogue that enables the party-leader the ability to run the quest as though it were being run with a full party. I would love to have this feature during my heroic level-ups. As a VIP is it unreasonable for me to ask you to implement such a simple concept if it enhances my game-play experience? Dare-you what: I will personally pay you 11k turbine points or $100.oo usd to implement it just for me. Yes! Just for me. We’ll call it Luedwig’s Toggle and be done with it. 😉
A note on harried: I love dungeon alert. Up to a point! I run everything into orange not for efficiency but to force my eyes to the screen and fingers to the board. Extreme red is dumb, annoying, not fun. Keep the passive penalties coming but you can BLOODY-WELL get rid of the DEAD-STOP on movement and attacks.
Now to the real reason I came to post: I want to tell you a joke! Not you Turbine but I don’t mind if you listen in and insert it into the game on some future update. I’m a very generous person when it come to things like that. 🙂
When I was very young my cousin Jeff (I began calling him Fedge immediately)told me a joke. I don’t remember him telling me the joke. To be honest I don’t even remember telling the joke but I know that I told it far too many times. Family gatherings are a wonderful time to be reminded of this btw. This is the joke that I meant to adapt for the Winter Wolf Pup contest held by DDOCast. Last year? The contest that I did not enter. 🙁
I addressed this lack of submission and the ensuing saddlement (it should be a word)of regret during an early Draagon Fragment from Eberron’s Past which aired in DDOCast 261: “You see, I just don’t do Punchlines.”

Hard to see it but try to imagine Luedwig as Dwarven Palemaster in Lich-form stepping hesitantly to the stage. Lost in a sort of death-dream he worries at his hand-wraps and tries his best to acknowledge the crowd. But it is obvious that his heart isn’t in it(with a sad face, slowly move your head left and right and read that part again). Ha! The heart is on the top ledge to the right, seventh coffin in. No, not really but wouldn’t it be funny if he took to the stage in Vampire form and it was obvious his heart wasn’t in it? 😉

Luedwig: “It was so dry that year……….” The crowd is quiet. Waiting. Finally, a brave sort maybe a very strong Halfling, rests her Maul against the bar. She turns to the stage and demands: “How dry was it?” Encouraged by the confidence of the wee-soul others in the crowd also cross their arms, stamp and pout: “Yeah, how dry was it? C’mon Luedwig” they begin to plea: “How dry was it that year?”

Luedwig: With a chuckle, a shrug and a point: “It was so dry that year the Dryads were chasing the Worgs. …as adapted from the punchline: It was so dry that year the trees were chasing the dogs. hmmmm, woulda wood woad been funnier?

Goodnight everybody. Seeya-pod next time.

Luedwig Bait H’oven

Thelanis 2006



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  1. Luedwig Toggle for the win!

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