Aug 182010

Commandos !

We have a dire situation here !!!

Enclosed is a foul item I accidentely found during a mission in the Menechtarun desert. We must reinforce our security, no doubt such items were crafted in order to plan a full out war against us. Found… in the secret stash of the highly sought individual by the name of Utah Sandcrawler, this arrow, exclusively engineered to harm us noble halflings, is to be analyzed in order to find a strong defense against it.

I advise caution to any of us commandos planning a mission in the Demon Sands, at least until we have found the source of this evil…

Serpentine relation contact agent Framboise. Out.

Attached to the game mail: a +1 Greater Halfling Slaying Arrow

Too funny.

What do you think?

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