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Do you see trains and tunnels/snakes and cigars? Or a wheel puzzle?

One of the more challenging aspects of running certain quests with others is the wheel puzzle. Seemingly harmless, it just sits there, proudly displaying it’s collection of obscure glyphs, calmly inviting you to rotate until it clicks into the correct position.

Except no, it is never that simple, one is always trying to set it to the correct glyph before a timer resets or from a distance. It frequently involves one player trying to tell another which glyph is the “correct” glyph.

And that is when things get interesting.

Some of the glyphs are easy to describe: “the one that looks like a capital ‘H’.” Or the ‘f’. But some of them are most decidedly not.

We are a creative group of people, we DDO players, and we can come up with some very creative yet very confusing ways to describe wheel glyphs. Creative yet not helpful. Not at all.

The developers gave us some help a couple of years back, adding numbers to some of the puzzles. But not all.

Let’s put this to rest once and for all.

[Update] I’ve added all of the names from the comments here, on twitter, on myDDO, and from a similar post slugnutty did on DDOSource a couple of years back. It is interesting, to me at least, to note that the number of names for a symbol increases as my opinion of its clarity decreases. Your results are embedded, below.

An easy one. The letter “H”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it called anything else.


Your names:

  • Guy stretching his legs on the carpet (someone is reaching I think πŸ™‚ )

Another easy one. The letter “f”.


Your names:

  • Candy cane
  • Confused lizardman
  • Dragon
  • Hook
  • Pound sign (British currency, not weight)

The Elephant. I’ve also heard it called the letters “ae”. But generally everybody recognizes “elephant”.


Your names:

  • Bear head
  • Beholder
  • Ghost or Pacman ghost
  • Hair
  • The letter ‘M’
  • The letter ‘n’ or ‘N’
  • The letters ‘pe’

The Alien. It seems to be about equally recognizable as “Cactus Head”. I’ve taken to just calling it the “Alien Cactus Head” and that seems to work for everyone.


Your names:

  • Cactus on a hill
  • Cometfall
  • Downward-facing fish
  • Eye
  • Fire
  • Fork
  • Hat
  • Klingon Bird of Prey
  • The letter ‘m’ (I just don’t see this one at all TBH)
  • The middle finger (cheeky!)
  • Sapling
  • Scorpion
  • Squatting to take a dump (scatalogical!)
  • Tinfoil helmet with antenna
  • Tree
  • Trident
  • Upside-down letter ‘Y’

Now are getting to the more arcane glyphs. I call this one the Jellyfish, but I’ve also heard “Double Bow” and “Flumph“. Plus many others. It can be hard to get this one described in time.


Your names:

  • Bug
  • Cthulhu
  • Double-cross
  • Fish
  • Galaga twin-cannon battleship
  • Hashtag
  • Insect
  • Manyshot
  • Pound sign (weight, not British currency)
  • Smooshed scorpion
  • Snowflake
  • Squid
  • The letter ‘E’
  • The letter ‘F’ (fancy, capital)
  • The letter ‘I’
  • Backwards letter ‘F’

Boogie Lizard
The hardest one of all. I call it the “Boogie LIzard” because it looks to me like a lizard showing off his best moves. I’ve heard “sharpshooter”, and also “backwards F”. But really, if you need to describe this one to win your quest you are probably just screwed.


Your names:

  • Alligator on the potty (More scatalogy πŸ™‚ )
  • Dragon, or Dancing Dragon
  • Finger pointing to the left
  • Gun, or Antique pistol
  • Helmet (another one I do not see. Maybe I am simply unimaginative)
  • Karate Guy
  • Motorized Scorrow
  • Nose
  • The number ‘7’
  • Upside-down letter ‘Y’

So there you go, the definitive list. Tell me what terms you use and I’ll add them.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Elephant = n
    Alien = m
    Jellyfish = Insect

  2. Great post! I call #5 ‘The Doublecross’.

  3. Did a post on the same thing a little more than 2 years ago for Walt Snider on his site
    Before his site went dark.

    • Think almost every one that rocks a ddo blog has at some point. I know i did for my guild to try and get use all on the same page at least when i am calling them out. πŸ™‚

  4. 1 = H
    2 = Hook
    3 = PE
    4 = Klingon Bird of Prey
    5 = Bow (Manyshot)
    6 = Antique Pistol

    Are what my guildies (more or less) use, when gaming with each other.

  5. XD This is what I call them (don’t use it as a reference, just my personal opinion):
    1. H
    2. dragon (but “f” seem so much better)
    3. bear. looks like a bear head to me
    4. downward facing fish
    5. squid
    6. dancing dragon

  6. H
    Candy Cane

  7. H
    Pacman ghost
    finger pointing to the left

  8. A lazy trick, I use, is to match the glyphs to symbols I can type (Qwerty keyboard).

    1. H – Um, yeah, H.
    2. f – Vaguely remember this used to be sometimes called pound, Β£.
    3. n – I have heard this called an upside down “u”… Really? Kobold think those people haven’t seen an “n”.
    4. Y – Upside down.
    5. # – Hash, pound sign, call it what you will.
    6. 7 – Seven … they are often written with a stroke through them.

  9. 1. H
    2. Β£/British Pound sign
    3. N
    4. The Middle Finger
    5. Manyshot
    6. Backwards F

  10. 1 H, 2 F, no arguments here. Third one, I never really gave a name to, although I’ve heard others call it “elephant.”

    5 – Scorpion

    6 – Gun or backwards F

    Oh, and 4 – OK, I’m sorry, but you’re all wrong. It’s Guy Squatting to Take a Dump. *g*

  11. Fun post.

    1 = H
    2 = Candy cane
    3 = Hair
    4 = Sapling
    5 = Cthulu (or squid)
    6 = Nose

  12. I’ve only heard elephant once. I usually call that 1 “M”.

  13. The Alien I call a trident. The Jellyfish I call it plainly fish. The Boogie Lizard I call karate guy,

  14. 4 = the eye
    5 = fancy capital F
    6 = upside down y

  15. H
    Candy Cane

    is what our group had been calling them for the past year or two.

  16. I call the elephant Heavy Helmet and the Alien Light Helmet. No one ever gets that.

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