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So DDO is now a Warner Bros. property. Interesting, but like most people, I filter news by how it will effect me.

If I was a Turbine owner, I think I would be quite pleased. I have no idea what kind of financial shape Turbine is in,

Dungeons & Dragons & Bugs Bunny
Dungeons & Dragons & Bugs Bunny

but they’ve been on a roll with DDO and it seems likely that they were able to negotiate this purchase from a position of strength. If I am wrong and this was a desperate act to forestall pending doom, at least it succeeded.

If I was a Turbine employee, I would be nervous. Not panicky, but nervous.* Someday, some WB executive is going to want to consolidate all of the gaming properties they’ve acquired. It saves money and there will always be those who care most about the bottom line. No matter what WB says now. Management changes.

* Unless of course the Turbine employee has a stake in the company in which case, see Turbine Owner

As a Turbine customer, it could go either way. Maybe WB will throw a bunch of money at the existing DDO development team and tell them to go crazy. Or maybe they will want to bring in some of their own people and the game direction will change (again).

Shavarath Sam
A wrong turn in Albuquerque? Yosemite Sam visits Shavarath

My personal bottom line is that there is unlikely to be any changes of any sort in the next few months. There will be plenty of time to panic later, should panic be necessary.*

* Imagine if Turbine sold to Sony. Panic everywhere!

I fear change. But the last set of DDO changes were definitely for the positive. Maybe we’ll get lucky and have that happen again.

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  1. A very logical and levelheaded look at the situation.

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