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DEX-based battle clerics need love too
Dexterity-based battleclerics need love too

So Mawry’s current life is as a DEX-based two-weapon-fighting rogue-splash battle cleric. But she has a feat quandary: there are ten feats she really wants but only seven that she will actually get.

Before we get into the details, let’s get the unpleasantness out of the way:

  • Yes, I know that no one else is building DEX battle clerics
  • Yes, I know that battle clerics are themselves not hugely popular
  • Yes, I know that I may be the only rogue/cleric on Sarlona
  • Yes, I know there are good reasons for the above bullet points

And yet, this is what I am doing.

As I learned in my last life, I will be soloing a lot. Possibly more than not. This build is designed to solo at all levels. Evasion, some Armor Class, some melee damage capability, lots of self-healing. All good in solo situations. Good enough? Time will tell, as will my choice of feats.

Bringing me back to my current quandary. There are ten that I want but only seven that I will get:

  • Weapon Finesse
  • Two Weapon Fighting
  • Improved TWF
  • Greater TWF
  • Improved Critical
  • Toughness
  • Empower Healing
  • Empower
  • Maximize
  • Quicken

Some of this list is non-negotiable, I simply must have them. I’ve annotated those in italics. But I really want all of them, they are all very important to this build.

Adding Fighter levels to get extra feats (or even Ranger for one of the feats) is an option, but with a heavy downside. Mawry is already planning two levels of Rogue so that she can have Evasion. She is not going to get Heal and Blade Barrier till level 14 as it is. As a completionist, she will never be higher than level 18, banking level 19 until she is capped and then reincarnating again.

But she will be level 18 for a long time, there are an awful lot of experience points between level 18 and capped.

I am thinking that I will take Improved TWF and then just wait till I get to level 18 to decide what to take last. Quicken if I am having issues getting heals off in spite of my max-pumped Concentration. Maximize if my Blade Barrier is not getting the job done. Greater TWF or maybe even Precision if I am having problems hitting.

Opinions? Other than “don’t make a DEX battle cleric”?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. If you’re going to be melee and only use sp for heals, you don’t need maximize and empower. You need empower heal for radiant servant, though. Quicken is nice and I really like having it on mass heals and bursts, but you can live without it.

    • I would say don’t plan on having more then 12 levels and go more of a rad-battle selfhealing build. You can scroll/burst everyone and save your smaller pool for your own quicken healz (and you will want quicken self heals)

      12/6/2 clr/fighter/rog
      2wf is one of those go big or go home things. you need them all to work well.

      But if you want to stay 18/2 I don’t think you need “Improved Critical” using Finesse weapons. In fact i think you could make a Elemental Rapier of Air and craft Finesse on it. weapons that grant feats hit both hands…. there are 2 feats saved and cutting emp would be okay… but splashing one fighter level for G2wf at 15,16 would be okay also..

  2. I’d say sacrifice toughness and empower. I suspect you are using radiant servant, otherwise I would dump empower healing, since that’s more relevant for raiding and when lvl 20 exists 🙂 I’d also forgo Improved TWF Improved Crit. This ia again because lvl 20 doesn’t exist. You should be sufficient in melee and spells to be flexible soloing based on the situation with the remaining feats. If you have force spell power item on hand, BB should not be a problem. The Toughness HP are nice, but you can get by when you can self-heal, just make sure you use a Toughness item, False Life, and hopefully green steel HP item. I feel strongly that quicken is important. The earlier the better. It saves lives.

  3. While I see the “improved critical” is italicized, honestly, i would probably sacrifice that one. But that’s me.

  4. You can do it. My build was successful but since everyone I ever spoke to about it poo-poo’d the idea I kept it a secret and no one knew that “that” toon was me. Before you decide what feats to dump or keep you need to decide for yourself firmly; and there is no middle ground really; are you a melee toon with heals or a caster toon with melee. I went the first option. No offensive spells at all. Buffs were self only. I kept my wisdom lowish; enough SP to keep myself alive. I didn’t have ITWF/GTWF. Nor Maximise/Empower. I grabbed toughness instead. Good luck with it.

  5. Yep, I agree, IC isn’t a huge thing. ITWF/GTWF are really only useful for proccing the off-hand effects, so if that weapon is a secondary type, with seeker or backstabbing, for instance, it’s not really all that necessary for it to proc. (And “Finesse” only applies to the weapon it’s on, so that idea wouldn’t work.) But a GS stat or healamp or AC, etc… those’d always be active.

    As Finch said, decide if you want to be a melee with heals, or a healer with melee. But IMHO, either way, you can probably get rid of IC, ITWF, and GTWF

  6. I’ll update with the final decision – but the idea of battling OR clericing as a focus makes sense to me. Pick one and double down on it. Should have thought of that myself – but I didn’t. Good advice!

    Thanks everyone, good thoughts, and I appreciate the feedback.

  7. AC doesn’t mean anything anymore. Check the combat change from U14. On one hand, any dork with +1 BAB/level, heavy armor proficiency, a tower shield, and a ton of HP can tank a raid boss. On the other, it removes any incentive for anybody to do any new/non-cookie cutter build and forces people even more into traditional MMO roles and the min/maxing this game has become.

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