Feb 012014

The Mizzazone 2

So I got to thinking about DDO a few nights ago. I started thinking about how the phrase ‘What Turbine needs to do’ or ‘…Has to do’ and whatever others there may be.

I started thinking, if there was one thing, just one thing that Turbine absolutly HAD to do, what would it be? After a few seconds, I knew exactly what it was! They need to build a ststue in House Philarin. Of me.

Why a ststue of me? Well, as Empress of the world of DDO I am more than qualified for one and lets face it, one dedicated to me is LONG overdue! I mean, I am just so awesome! DDO has never had a ruler as awesome as me before and itll never have one as awesome as me when Im gone(should I die before the game closes). Lets look at what Ive brought to DDO:

The people LOVE me! They really do! Unlike some rulers, Ive taken the time, out of my busy busy schedule, to actually visit with the plebes and help them solve their problems!

Ive saved Stormreach more times than I care to count. Kobolds, Trogs, Bugbears, Hob Gobs… You name it, Ive killed it and stopped it from taking over the city!

I dont lie to my subjects. Ive never felt the need to either. If I did, they wouldnt trust me! If they dont trust me, theyd never love me and thatd just make me so sad.

I help provide jobs for the citys less fortunate! Everytime I step out among my loyal subjects, I pay 650 Platinum or more to have one of the citys less fortunate people to escort me around and provide support as I save it from destruction.

I am awesome. I mean, seriously, I am. I am a freaking Empress! I am the mighty weilder of the wooden spoon! I am the holder of cheese wheels! There were none like me before, none like me now and none like me to come! I AM A NATALIE!!!

With all that said, I know youre thinking, ‘Well Mizz, building you a statue of you in the game IS a great idea! But why do you want it in House Philarin?’. Well, its simple: Its the Elven house! It only makes sense to have a statue of me built there, where everyone can see!

Well, thats about all Ive gotta say about that! Thanks for agreeing with me and have nice days!

I See You

Grim made this for me! Isnt she a sweetheart? 😉

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  1. *snerk*
    I mean, of course! that’s a Wonderful idea!

  2. You forgot to mention how stunningly humble you are too 🙂

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