Sep 252009

I think it is kind of funny that I can post a cartoon and get a couple hundred reputation points in one day. Meanwhile all of the posts since rep was added have netted me 300.

I’m  not trying to argue that I am Super Forum Guy, or that I should have more rep, or anything like that: I truly do not care what my rep is. I am simply observing that I spend dozens of hours, maybe hundreds, laboring over builds and making maps and building user guides… plus the normal range of silliness and scuttlebutt… while a cartoon I threw together in an hour nearly equals my total reputation.

Behavior modification theory indicates I should probably stop posting builds and answering questions so I can spend more time on cartoons.

I wonder how closely this mirrors the intent of the forum rep system?

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  1. It’s a metric how how you’re contributing to the forums, more or less, and people tend to be extremely more generous when you are funny. Like, very, very generous.

    I have started several threads which had a lot of support (good idea, QFT, etc.) but netted ZERO rep. Heck, one of those thread had over 10 pages and many developer posts… but it got me zero rep.On the other hand, a witty comment has got me nearly 100 rep today.

  2. Figured I would answer that one too!

    “I wonder how closely this mirrors the intent of the forum rep system?”
    Probably very little. I think they do want humor to be encouraged but I think they did not expect constructive criticism and well written arguments to be supported this little.

  3. It is certainly obvious that builds and constructive criticism do not garner Rep on the forums… just look at my profile as proof!

  4. What does it really measure?
    Not much, really. It’s just an arbitrary measure, that in the end means little. What matters more is how it makes you feel. If that one post, which was rather funny, makes you want to stop posting builds etc – that is your call to make. And in no way the influence of other people on your actions.

    Do what you feel is the best you can do to contribute in any way you can. Not everyone contributes the same way.

    If it pisses you off, turn your Rep off.

  5. Amused/bemused/perplexed. Not pissed.

    Lots of builds left in me and they demand to be let out.

    Did I write this as a rant? No ranting intended. I really am not good at this 🙁

    p.s. I can rant, and do, and I really hope it will be obvious when I have my rant on…

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