Jul 302015

The Sun Elf, Witchway Anyway, pays a visit to her personal, on ship, Cosmetic Advisor: Miss Hagh Gale. The little discolouration that began last month has suddenly flared into an all out Glow-Stone tingling, buzzing eruption. “…and I know this sounds crazy but I swear on my Owlbear’s fluffy feather pillow that when I fall asleep, …it even moves in the most disturbing ways.” Seemingly distracted by the memories, Witchway finishes on a puzzled connection; “I’m having to run at least three epic quests a day just to keep up with my laundry bills!”

The Hag, Hagh Gale becomes suddenly animated; leaping and prancing about the room, as if chasing a dozen kobold shamen through The Water Works, with an epic broom of swatting. “Oh Witchway my beautiful little sister!” The Hag cackles; for that is what hags do, Cackle. “The day that I have foreseen has finally come to be!”

Now sly and sweet, the hag, her hands all pat-pat and pleasant-please slides in close. “Witchway my love, what do you remember about that little tick bite we talked about last life?”

The Lady has been stamped;  A Tramp! xFlumph

The Lady has been stamped; A Tramp! xFlumph

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PS. If you haven’t read my Tick Talk/DDOvs.Me post please follow the link in the text above and consider the idea of Cosmetic Aberrant Marks in the game. We already pay for how many Cosmetic Companions? I for one would pay as much Turbine Points for a Mark of Fishing(Ty Geoff!) with appropriate animations, as how much I currently pay for my companions. Sure, I would like to actually play an Aberrant Mark but why not try out a Cosmetic Mark or two that we could activate while “AFK”? Personally I’m finding the ham and broccoli to be getting a little stale.
C’mon, you really don’t want to fish from the side of your Guild Ship? How about down in the harbour while chewing the fat with ol’Baudry? Let’s put some life into these common zones beyond the usual sighting of “standing here staring” and “running towards-through-and-away”.

PPS. /gonefishing

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  1. OMG the Mark of Flumph is a tramp stamp!

  2. I’d pay for a Mark of Music. I’ve always wanted to just play a random instrument for as long as I would like at a tavern…

  3. i would give odds on the shard exchange that Geoff’s downturn on site hits could be correlated directly to your time on stage and the number of characters in the tavern. 😉

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