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…a couple of times. Some trips to the Rockies of Alberta I see everything in nature as ….nature. Other trips, my vision slips and I see ….other things.

On this excursion; Sunday Sept. 21 2014, I slipped many times. One slip turned out to be a slip of the most literal kind! Minutes from our final leg I over extended the outside of my left knee and well, that was the end of “fluffy-imaginings” as I was forced into the reality of a painful and purposefully slow descent. Monday becomes a sick-day and by the time of this writing, with the Advil flushed from my system, I am quite sure that there will be no need to send in the doctor to amputate(please, don’t hide your disappointment on my account). 😉

So, where am I this time? Well, it’s back to Kananaskis Country, Highway 40, to the Highwood Pass. We arrive at the parking area second only to a white pickup of some moderate pedigree. Following a short break to address any lingering bladder issues, we visit the area’s Notice Board to check on any possible Grizzly activity(no current alerts!) and are off. The trail begins only minutes after 9:00am. We pass the occupants of the pickup, lolly-gagging about at the first meadow and from there-on forward the trail is ours!

D&D vs. Me Trading Cards; Series One. Card 4 of...

D&D vs. Me Trading Cards; Series One. Card 4 of…

It’s so easy not to look, not to try; look too deep and it blinds the eye!

Move along please. This is an imagination-free zone.

Move along please. This is an imagination-free zone.

Imagination; be careful for there are those that will condemn, ridicule and scorn the unmasking. Move along you say? Aaaaah but what if I refuse? What if I decide that this needs further investigation? What if I decide that I must lay down upon that trail and inspect this potential horror from all angles? Step aside Sir Anal of Sewersworth or face the consequences!

The "Nothing-here-to-see" conspiracy begins to unravel!

The “Nothing-here-to-see” conspiracy begins to unravel!

I could jump onto the trail and eyes-forward; make the pass, scramble onto the ridge, complete the loop back to the car in under 5-hours. Maureen and I did it in just under 7.5 hours. Sacrifice the journey to achieve the destination. The irony of the situation is that I experience more imagination when interfaced to the real world than when forced to run alongside “certain” personalities in an on-line Role-playing game. I’d like to think they just need a little encouragement. 😉

The Wraith erupts from the corpse of the Albino Pocket Gopher.....

The Wraith erupts from the corpse of the Albino Pocket Gopher…..

…to grasp the exposed leg of the passing hero. It slips through the skin to the flesh and then to the bone and through to the marrow. For the moment it is content; it is safe, it is home. For now, it breaths the air that is life. In the morning it will turn it’s attention to the matter …of the soul.

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Ps. it actually helps to look at that last picture from a little further away. Perhaps the smaller 300×300 of the two previous pics would have been more effective. Oh well, find the extended talons and then follow the left arm back to the shoulder. Now locate where the head should be and relax. Find in the shading of that space, the head of a Mandrill baboon. You may even see a familiar shape where the end of the mandrill’s snout should be. All natural. I did Nothing to enhance or create the illusion. Well, ok, I did imagine it all. lol 🙂

PPS. I can’t deny that the “Roadkill” comment thrown at my Caught Cut and Cont’m Plated post of May 19 2014 contributed in some way to this post. Thank you l’ Mizz! 😉

PPPS. Please do not admit that you reached this point and did not see realize the Star Wars tie-in. Go back and enjoy it all a second time. Fill in the gaps to the timeline with your own imaginings. It’s kinda like a secondary punch-line in an “open-ended” post. But then I don’t do punch-lines do I?

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