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….many times. Some trips I see everything in nature as ….nature. Other trips I see other ….things. This trip of May 24, 2014 was full of both and DDo figured prominently in the role of Other.

D&D vs. Me Trading Cards:  Series One Card 2 of ...

D&D vs. Me Trading Cards: Series One Card 2 of …

In descending the eastern ridge of our Fir Creek hike enroute back to our car we stumbled upon this Flumph emerging from his winter den. Still sporting his muted winter colours and with only his eye-stalks visible, he seemed barely aware of our presence. Had we been of the mind to bag us a Flumph it would have been a small matter to lift or turn the stone to the side and then skewer the poor fellow. We didn’t over stay our welcome and were gone within moments.
Did you know? The Flumph of the northern climes will often pass the winter seasons in a sort of half-hibernation. In late fall they locate a suitable den, preferring flat, stable rocks with shallow hollows beneath. Any fresh water spring on a ridge or hill is the ideal habitate for a hibernating Flumph. They seem to enjoy and even prefer the security of a good freeze-in. A den amongst the trees, on steep slopes and away from the beaten path is best. Flumphs may have several dens along a particular valley or ridge line and will defend them all before finally choosing one and laying in for the winter. Beware the trespassing Flumph. Beware the errant hiker his bladder blown, weak with age. OMg lol 🙂 did I just type that? Apparently so! Anyways, the point is, Flumphs do NOT appreciate anyone altering the acidic levels or colour gradients of the streams in which they choose to den! 😉

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  1. Thought you posted a pic of road kill.

  2. Let’s assume I unintentionally anger the Flumph. What exactly is it going to do about it? Quiver menacingly? Wave it stalks about in agitation? Wish bad thoughts about me?

  3. Inflammations! Many and varied are the Flumph’s Weapons of Selective Irritants and Blemishes. Is it any wonder they have been called the Two-eyed Tyrant of Rash and Blemish….. once? Don’t underestimate the power of the rash! Don’t believe me? Ok, go get one and then then return home and explain it to your significant other. Better to give the Flumph a wide birth! 😉

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