Aug 242012

DDO Gamer

Today marks the official launch of my new DDO fansite, DDO Gamer!

You might ask, why? Why am I launching a new fansite for a six-year old game? For that matter, why have I already written over 400 posts about DDO or DDO-related life? I already have a well-read blog on myDDO, why isn’t that enough?

I just have the bug. Much to my surprise, it turns out that I like the writing, I like the graphical composition, I like it when people read my work, I just like doing this. It’s fun.

MyDDO is a little too restrictive. There are things I want to try that I can’t do there, simple things like adding a tag cloud to help readers find relevant older posts. More complicated things like categorization that lets me write about boardgame reviews and the designs in my head without detracting from readers who just want to see DDO.

Here, I can set up a whole different look and URL for non-DDO posts; you can easily avoid them if you are only on board for the DDO stuff. But if you ever care, you can find all the rest of the random wordcount on, the closely-linked sister site to DDOGamer.

Gamer Geoff

Over here, I can change things however I like. I can write about more topics. But it’s not just better for me, you will be able to search the archive of 400+ existing posts, you’ll have more rating and commenting options, and easier navigation. Maybe even a mobile version, soon (or more likely, soonish).

More. Bigger. Better.

It is just time to try out a bigger field and see what happens.

Thank you for supporting me over there for all these years. MyDDO has been great, or more truthfully, the readers there have made it great, and I’ll continue to write there too. Sort of. I’ll post shorter versions of my DDOGamer posts there with links to the rest of the post here.

I hope you will all come with me to the new site. It’s going to be fun.


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  1. Yay! The site is launched. (maybe Geoff will emerge from the office now)

  2. Looking forward to reading your blog (in a new format.)

  3. YAY! I likee very much! Very cool and stuff. I EXPLORE! 😀

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