Jul 282016

Kind of a weird day today as two mini-topics that would not have justified an article by themselves get mashed together in the hope that quantity will result in quality.

That is often a hope, here at DDOGamer where quality is as elusive as that perfect Pokemon, something you can see in the distance, dancing out of the way of your many fruitless Poke balls, never quite captured or achieved.

Quantity, on the other hand, is a simple matter of trying hard. That we can do!

But I digress. Enough preamble, on with the topics!

Topic 1: Weekly Restarts

You may have noticed that lag is always better after a restart. I certainly have noticed this. Resetting the servers removes lag completely, at least to my untrained eye, no lag whatsoever. Over time, the lag creeps back in, never as bad as it used to be right after the server move, but still occasionally causing a pop or rubber band or micro-lock up. Not enough to fret over but definitely enough to notice.

Then Turbine has to restart the servers for whatever reason and the lag goes away again.

“Huh”, thinks I, “maybe they ought to be doing that on purpose”. Apparently I am not the only one with that thought, as Cordovan just announced a new policy of weekly restarts, every Wednesday morning at 0800. The time is apparently approximate, the very first weekly restart actually went off at 0917, but what’s an hour or so among friends?

This may seem like a brute force solution to lag, but to me the key words in that phrase are not “brute force”, but rather, “solution to lag”. I am all in favor.

Besides, back when I was messing around with the game Landmark, they had a restart every day. Once a week is nothing.

Topic 2: Jumping Clerics

A couple of months ago I published an article – Cleric Power! – about the time that two clerics made a difficult jump while the rest of the party failed. Because clerics. Jumping. Successfully. Two of them.

I took a handful of screenshots in honor of the occasion, and stumbled across them again last night. Resulting in this:
Dancing Jump-Clerics
It is screenshots, not video, and only five so it’s pretty jumpy. Not really an animated gif at all, more like a very fast slide show. Nonetheless, those are some happy, preening clerics, and there is no reason not to share.

Looking back, it is clear that two mini-topics are not as good as one complete topic, but let’s be honest: this wasn’t going to win any Pulitzers no matter how many topics are involved.

Somewhere, there is probably a way-less-prestigious award than the Pulitzers, that is given to people who write amazing blogs. Just to be clear, DDOGamer won’t be winning any of those either.

Not that you ever thought otherwise.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I’m all for regular maintenance restarts.. For the longest time, DDO was the only game I played that DIDN’T have regularly scheduled maintenance!

  2. Jall and Riva are extremely impressed by the jumping clerics. Back when the new airships and ship buffs came out, they were thrilled to get Otto’s Irresistible Dance Hall, because neither of them could make it up onto the Stone of Change for the nekkid dance parties we used to have on the old ship.

  3. The only issue with the restart is it happens when i start my DDostream/rehost time. Might have to find another day/time.

  4. As long as maintenance is well publicised, I’m all for it 🙂

    Don’t let the news out that clerics actually can jump, you’ll leave mine with no excuses!
    (Although, I suspect your clerics are multi-life and well equiped/buffed…)

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