Dec 122011
Tebow Time!
Its not divine intervention. But it is
one of the more remarkable streaks
in American sports history.

If you clicked here expecting my usual witless DDO-based drivel, my apologies. Both for the drivel, and today, for the lack of it.

All I can think about this morning is the incredible football game I watched last night.

I’ve been a Denver Broncos fan for more than 40 years. I’ve seen about everything one can see: flukes, freaks, failures, and everything in between. But I’ve never seen anything like last night. Consider:

The game is 60 minutes long. For 57 of those 60 minutes, the offense is inept and entirely unable to do anything. We have zero points. Zero. Now they are down two scores with 3 minutes to play. Game over.

  • But no, they march right down the field and score a touchdown.

We try the desperation move; an onside kick, but it fails. We have no timeouts, all the bad guys need to do is run the ball three times. Game over.

  • But no, their running back goes 20 yards out of his way to run out of bounds and stop the clock.

We get the ball with a minute left but are unable to get into their end of the field. They stop us at their 42. We are out of field goal range. Game over.

  • But no, our kicker nails a 59-yard field goal. It is the longest kick of his entire career, but it is perfect. We go to overtime.

The bad guys win the coin toss in overtime and march smartly down the field. They are at our 40, then our 35, then their running back breaks free for a long gain that will end in a touchdown, or at the very least, easy field goal range. Game over.

  • But no, the last guy with a chance to touch the running back somehow strips the ball loose. We recover!

At this point it was inevitable. Even though our offense stalled again, and we had to try a game-winning field goal from 51 yards*, everyone knew it would be good. Even the Bears.

* 51 yards! NFL kickers convert less than half of their attempts from 50 yards plus and here we are with two of them, in a row, with the game on the line.

I’m trying to come up with an analogy that will help the non-football fans among you appreciate just how remarkable the Broncos winning streak, and especially this game, really is …

You completely blow the job interview, but as you are being escorted out, you pass the HR director’s office, and surprise, its your uncle! You start Monday.

You’ve run out of gas, are totally broke, and are stuck by the side of the road. You call everyone you know but no one is home except that one guy who’s car is in the shop. You try AAA but your membership lapsed… yesterday. As you roll your eyes you note, oh wait, I’ve stopped right next to a service station! And you don’t even have to push, its downhill! And what’s that green thing sticking out of my visor? Why its a 20 dollar bill!

You spend all day working on a fancy dinner for your guests but the oven explodes (explodes!) leaving you with no main dish. As you are dialing a pizza joint your guests arrive, and one of them brought a perfectly roasted 20-lb turkey as a friendly gesture.

You get the point, yes? Its like that. And has been, every Sunday for the last seven Sundays.

Amazing. I can’t wait till next week.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Okay. You lost me starting with the job interview thing. I did catch the EXPLOSION. But thats because I like explosions. Blowing things up is fun.
    Over 40 years huh… Imma name you grampy. And on that note: GO PACKERS! 😉

  2. That’s “sexy grampy”. Just so you know.

  3. Tebow is DA MAN. There is just something about him that turns the people around him into winners even when he’s not making the big play (like those 50-plus yard FGs) himself. I’m waiting for some artist to release a print of God wearing a Tebow Broncs jersey. It’d be an instant best-seller.

    *sigh* And all I have are the stupid Iggles. Dream team my ass – yeah, they’re the team everybody dreams of playing for the easy win (sorry, Dolphins fans, Vick must’ve been rolling all 20s yesterday – I guarantee you that was a fluke).

  4. I live in Cleveland Geoff, I’ve seen this Denver Bronco movie before, but the star player back then who broke my heart 3 times in the AFC Championship game isn’t playing anymore, so I don’t hate the Broncos like I used to, and have actually enjoyed their run.

  5. As someone from Denver, while I understand your pain Shin, it is still weird to remember that there are people don’t love John Elway. That aren’t even Raider fans. Weird.

    We all love him unconditionally. He could be governor of Colorado just by saying he wanted to be.

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