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Ice Course in the Bogwater Tavern
The main Risia ice course is in the harbor,
but there is another (easier for groups!) in the Bogwater Tavern

The two ice festivals are here! There was a time when the appearance of the Risia festival was eagerly awaited, at least by me, as I had year’s accumulation of weapons that needed a nice icy boost. I have so many alts, and they all have so many weapons!

Some years I earned winter motes by skating, but usually I just bought them. Those and the recipes. Never cheaply, piles of platinum would fly away like seeds from a dandelion, but no worries, I’d have a full year to replenish before the next festival.

And now the festivals are here again – note that I said “festivals” with an “s”, as in plural, there are two winter ice festivals now, one in Stormreach and one in Eveningstar.

I am not as personally involved this year as I have been in years past as I no longer have many weapons that would be improved by the festival rewards. The Eveningstar festival has rewards that improve your armor and shields, but only some, and not any of the types that I normally wear.

Maybe a list would help.

Risia Festival (Stormreach)

Can be attempted as often as you like, over and over until your eyes bleed.

  • Provides Cold damage upgrade to weapons, up to Icy Burst
  • Provides Glaciation upgrade to weapons, up to Glaciation 78

Upgrade can be applied to:

  • Randomly-generated looted weapons

Upgrade cannot be applied to:

  • Greensteel
  • Thunder-Forged
  • Any named weapon or raid weapon
  • Cosmetic weapons (regardless of how obtained)

Adventure Dog loves the Winter Festival
AdventureDog loves the Winter Festival. Mawry? Not so much.

Winter Festival (Eveningstar)

Can only be attempted once per token, and you only get one free token per day. Cordovan provided a coupon code for free extra Midwinter Spirit Tokens, 2/Account: COLD23

  • Provides stacking cold resistance or fire resistance upgrade to armor and shields, up to 10 points

Upgrade can be applied to

  • Randomly-generated looted armor
  • Randomly-generated looted shields
  • Cosmetic armors (DDO Store-bought only) *

Upgrade cannot be applied to:

  • Dragon-Touched
  • Shadow Scale
  • Dragon Scale (any color)
  • Any named armor or raid armor
  • Any named shield or raid shield
  • Cosmetic armors (made with mirror of glamering)

* There is a thread on the forums right now that implies other cosmetic items may be eligible for winter festival upgrades; I don’t know that my list above is complete. If you know of any variances or additions, please let me know and I’ll update as necessary.

And this is why my participation has lessened: all of my characters have so many named items and weapons that random loot has become unusual. Even on my alts. On those rare occasions where someone is playing with a random loot item, I’ve probably already upgraded it in festivals past. I imagine this is a side-effect of playing for so long?

I still enjoy the festivals, the change in atmosphere is fun, and the monstrous snowmen are particularly enjoyable.

Winter Festival snowmen

I wonder though, do people in northern climes find them as much of a nice change of pace as I do? Or does it feel like more of a continuation of their real life, snow and ice-strewn as it may be?

But I digress. The festivals are here, and anything that gives us something different to do is a plus.

Happy skating everyone!

And don’t forget the two free tokens!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I have a pair of store bought skates in the shared bank so I could participate, but I wasn’t a natural at it, so got bored pretty quickly.

  2. I’m not big fan of these events tbh, mostly used named items, I guess the one that can be put on cosmetics are fine, not sure if I’ll do any of it yet

    Since the random loot has been ruined, would have been cool before when all the nice prefix and suffix random gen were dropping

  3. It makes me wonder if the devs should consider a feat that eschews named items, or gives your character a special feat if you have no named items equipped. That way, crafted weapon buffs are all the more interesting.

  4. As for the Icy Burst kits, you also can’t apply them to Cannith Crafted weapons either :(. That would have been nice. I always do enjoy the skating, puts my limited Mario skills to the test and I do have a number of lower level weapons to add the kits to.

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