Dec 222013

The Mizzazone 2

Howdy everybody! Im a Natalie and Ill be your host for the evening! Somebody didnt make me breakfast this morning so if I seem cranky or display signs of need to consume your soul, thats why! Now, as an HK-50 droid once told me, ‘Shut down, stay put and wait for rescue.’

Well, this last week of gaming didnt quite go as I had planned. To those of you that read my blogs, you know that I was all excited about the Yule festival on LotRO! Well… I hopped onto LotRO and something happened. I went to the Yule area, ran around a bit, looked at the rewards but I just wasnt feeling it. All I could think about was, ‘I got all this stuff I want to do on my Trooper on SWtoR… I dont really want to be here.’. So, I logged off of LotRO.

Im not going to complain. I DO want to do Yule on LotRO but at the same time I really dont. Right now, the Trooper storyline on SWtoR is far more interesting to me. Being able to fire lazers probably helps. OH! And the Star Wars element! But mostly lazers.

So, what did I do on SWtoR? Well, to start I finished up the Tattooine Bonus Missions. That took all the first day. Next day, I decided to do two things, first I finished Dromund Kaas with my Assassin. I absolutly LOVE that planet. Its easily the second most beautiful planet Ive visited in the game. After that, I still had time so I headed back over to my Trooper and soloed the Ord Mantell, Coruscant & Taris Heroics along with getting all but one of the Taris Datacrons.

The third day, I decided to start doing the Alderaan questline. Honestly, Alderaan is an absolutley beautiful planet. Easily the first most that Ive visited thus far in the game. At this point in the game, Ive only managed to die a total of 2 times, both times I can say it was my fault for not paying attention. I managed to complete the majority of the planets main questline with no difficulties. Reached lvl 32 and was able to happily upgrade mine and my companions mods for our gear.

Alderaan Scenery

My Trooper surveying the Alderaanian landscape(click for fullsize)

Ill be playing this whole week so hopefully Ill be able to get quite a bit done with my Trooper. My ultimate goal is to complete chapter 2 with him so that all future non Trooper characters I make Republic side can have the Trooper buff which is a +5% Endurance one. More health = win on any character. I wont likely be able to complete chapter 2 this week, but I should hopefully be able to complete chapter 1, at the least.

What puzzles alot of people is my refusal to buy the speeder skill. While I recognize that this would allow me to travel from A to B faster, I LOVE taking in the scenery. I love exploring Star Wars. Even if Ive been somewhere a million times, heard this or that conversation a million times, I just love taking it all in. Most people in SWtoR, and in other MMOs, are so obsessed with end game and PvP that they miss out on so much stuff. To me, thats really sad.

Also, this week on my Trooper, I managed to somewhat counteract the -50% XP that F2Ps and Preferreds earn. Not with XP pots, which for unknown reasons I havent used a single one(yet), but by saving up my credits and buying the legacy XP bonuses. So far, Ive gotten all the explorer area ones and all but one of the class mission ones. The max bonus given is only +30% so that at least will knock the penalty down to -20% for both explorers and class missions which is nice. Still not ideal, but better than it normally would be. Once I get the last class mission boost, I plan on getting the companion conversation & gift giving boosts to make maxing out their favor easier.

After that Ill save up credits to buy collection gear. With one special set finished, the Bastila Shan set, I have my eyes on the Visas Marr and Mira sets. I should probably go after some male ones as well so that my manly man characters dont feel neglected. I could go after the Atton Rand set, but lets face it, we all hated his starting jackets look in KotOR 2. The Darth Revan set is out of the question as those pieces cost over 1mil each, on average. “Sleeps With Vibroblades”(I forget his name at the moment so Attons nickname will have to do) set would be an interesting one for lightsaber weilding characters. I just have to keep my eyes open for interesting looking stuff for mah dudes.

I wont be back onto DDO until after the New Year. Sometime around the 14th probably as I will give Yule a chance. At some point.

Back some blogs ago I also mentioned how I was looking into getting a schedule change for work so that I could play in the evenings with my most favorite peoples on DDO. It looks as though its not going to work out, unfortunatly. So my play hours arent going to be changing to a more comfortable time for anyone to play with me at. To be quite honest, as much of a bummer as it is, I dont mind all too much as I enjoy working my current shift.

Thats about all Ive got for this blog. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe and good New Years.

Mizzaquestion of the week: If you were to pick one, and only one, movie to exsist for the rest of all time, what movie would it be? (You cannot pick an entire series, it has to be only ONE movie.)

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  1. Difficult question…… hmmmm..


    though DOA was a close second 😀

  2. I can’t pick one I just can’t. But I can pick five or six, and if only one can remain I would be fine with any of them:

    Star Wars (now known as Star Wars IV A New Hope but once simply “Star Wars”)
    True Grit (the John Wayne version. Nothing against the Dude, but … )
    Forrest Gump
    The Outlaw Josey Wales
    Raiders of the Lost Ark

  3. “The Lord of the Rings,” all 11 hours and 39 minutes of it (expanded edition) if I could take a complete work.

    Otherwise,either “Apollo 13,” “The Dark Knight,” or even “The Avengers.” But I haven’t real favorites of many things, so I’m easy.

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