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Infinite Crisis R.I.P.
After a couple of years of development and an extended beta period, Turbine’s MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game Infinite Crisis finally went “live” in March of this year. Infinite Crisis featured the DC Comics cast of characters in team-versus-team battles: including playable Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and a number of other characters from the DC comic book world.

The game opened to mixed reviews, and had player population issues right from the get-go. There simply has to be a sufficient pool of players in a MOBA; it is, after all, PvP on a grand scale. You cannot “solo” a MOBA.

Apparently the problems were not solvable. Yesterday, WB announced that development on the game was ceasing immediately and that the game would permanently go dark on August 14.

Make no mistake about it, this is a big hit for Turbine. Many Turbine developers and employees have already lost their jobs over this, or are about to. And it is coming within a year of two different Turbine layoffs: this is not a great time to be a Turbine employee.

If you know a Turbine employee, or talk to one on the forums, give them a hug. They need it.

But the damage is not just the effect on employees. This is a major black eye for the company. Infinite Crisis was a AAA title, featuring extremely popular characters and intellectual property, yet it opened and closed in less than 90 days. Yikes. Turbine’s prestige and reputation may never recover.

But this is a DDO site, not an Infinite Crisis site. So … what does this mean for us?

Probably nothing. Unless this is such a big hit that it actually kills off the developer altogether, which obviously would be the end of DDO as well. Short of that, this could actually be good for DDO. Infinite Crisis was taking up attention and resources – supposedly even poaching developers from the DDO pool, although I cannot point to any specifics to back that up. Now it is not. Maybe that will mean increased resources or attention for us.

But probably not. Those newly extraneous resources will most likely be laid off. DDO is churning along with whatever resources it has already been given, it would be difficult to build a business case in favor of allocating more.

So, again, probably nothing will change at all.

But this is all speculation. There is one thing we know for a fact: WB Games will absolutely pull the plug on anything, even a brand new major title, when it perceives doom on the horizon. No mercy. No fuzzy area. You produce or you die.

And DDO is still going. Clearly, it must be doing something right. At least for now, for today, all of the doomsayers on the forums and on the DDOVault are wrong.

Because if the game really was doomed, it would be dead. Boom. Snicker-snack. No debate needed.

As long as there is life, there is hope.

🙂 😀 🙂

Edit: I reached out to Turbine via multiple channels to see if I could get a statement about this, and received a forum PM from Cordovan slightly after 3pm:

The closure of Infinite Crisis is not going to have any impact on the plans we have for DDO.

So there you go.

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  1. “Because if the game really was doomed, it would be dead” good point!

  2. We obviously haven’t bought enough subscriptions and TP to get us gnomes, but at least we still have a game! Good work everyone!

  3. I think fewer people like PvP than we even thought and this is yet another unsuccessful attempt to tap that niche market. It is clear that market is not as big as they thought. I am glad DDO stopped what little focus they had on it. It would be nice if they could nice if they could now support DDO and LoTRO with some decent advertising and grow the titles that have shown decent sustainability.

  4. Sad to hear. Really hope it doesn’t affect DDO in any way.

  5. While I have not (yet) seen any official word from DDO, the official word from LotRO is that the closing of IC will not affect LotRO – it is a separate division. So one can infer that DDO should be unaffected, as well. “Should be.”

  6. I posted this on the forums yesterday, “Another possible outcome of Infinite Crisis failing is that Turbine will try to reach inward to its existing and former player base instead of reaching entirely new players with something like a MOBA. As DDO is approaching its 10th anniversary, Turbine could begin to work on DDO 2.0 for release in five years. Upgrading DDO to a new, modern game may require a smaller investment than starting a new game from scratch and drawn in many of the people who have left over the years.”

  7. There have been doom sayers for every MMO, ever, on every forum for each game, ever. WoW is by far the most successful, and people have been saying it’s “dead” ever since Burning Crusade. That was years ago…… just saying.

  8. “The closure of Infinite Crisis is not going to have any impact on the plans we have for DDO.”

    This is a typical non-answer, since it says absolutely nothing about exactly what plans they have for DDO.

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