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Mar 222017

Today’s Bing photo is a truly spectactular ani-gif of the Yinlianzhui Waterfalls in China. I can’t find a way to link to the image, you’ll just have to go to Bing yourself – today, while it is still the daily image – and check it out. If you can’t, here’s a link to a much lesser video of the same falls, nowhere near as spectacular as the Bing version, but it will serve to give you a taste.

I mention all this only due to coincidence; I am posting a waterfall ani-gif today too!


Pretty nice, huh?
Clicking the image gets you the full-size version, but it’s 16MB so you need to really want to see it before clicking.

I couldn’t get the repetition timing right, I suspect the water and the trees are animated at different rates. But … what are ya gonna do? This is as smooth as I could get it to run. Not even close to being on Bing’s level. But my version has the advantage of coming from new DDO content! To be specific, The new Update 35 quest The Newcomers.

Not as lovely as Bing’s, but in some ways, much much cooler.

Or as our favorite community manager would say, “cool cool”.

🙂 😀 🙂

p.s. As long as we are talking about Waterfalls, maybe I should include the most famous use of that title:

What do you think?

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