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The question has come up twice now: “Got any spare time open at GenCon? Let’s get together and play a game”. Which sound fun, I’d love to meet everyone who shares my interest in DDO, and I love to play games. Seems like a natural fit.

Except I really don’t have chunks of time left unscheduled.

My Gamer Girl and I have learned our lessons from past GenCons and no longer attempt to fill up every minute, but we still have something going on for a lot of the time.

Balloon dragon at GenCon 2012
A balloon dragon from GenCon 2012

The best way to meetup is probably to sign up for one of the game we’ll be playing. Some of them are sold out, but not all of them. I’ll post my schedule and include links.

Carcassonne Kingdom Wed at 8:00 PM for 4 hrs
Carcassonne, team variant Edition Union Station :: Southern :: 4
Small World +Tales and Legends Thu at 2:00 PM for 3 hrs
Small World, Tales and Legends Edition ICC :: Hall F : Green :: 4–8
A Night with Dungeons & Dragons Thu at 7:00 PM for 4 hrs
Indiana Roof Ballroom :: 140 W. Washington St
Cargo Noir Fri at 11:00 AM for 2 hrs
Cargo Noir, 1st Edition ICC :: Hall C : Days of Wonder :: HQ
DDOCast Live Show (A Dungeons & Dragons online Podcast) Fri at 4:00 PM for 2 hrs
Embassy Suites :: Coronation 1
DDO Meetup Party Fri at 8:00 until ??
TBD (Scotty’s ?)
On the Road to Bremen Sat at 10:00 AM for 4 hrs
6×6, 1st Edition Omni :: McClellan hall
28th Annual Gen Con Costume Contest Sat at 3:30 for 2.5 hrs
ICC : 500 Ballroom/Recp
Agricola Sat at 9:00 PM for 3 hrs
Agricola, 1st Edition ICC :: Hall E : Rogue Judges :: HQ
Dragon Dice: Sealed – Single Race Sun at 10:00 AM for 4 hrs
Dragon Dice, Starter Edition ICC :: Hall F : Yellow :: 12–13

The second-best way to meetup (outside of the planned meetup party Friday night) is to let me know you’d like to, and we can exchange cells and then coordinate onsite.

Even our busy schedule allows time for meals and the like, surely we can find some mutually-accepable moment. Maybe we can find a flat surface and break out a fast beer-and-pretzels game of some sort.

p.s. The location of the DDO meetup is still TBD. I’ll update everyone if/when we know more.

Hopefully, see you there!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. One day I’ll remember my login…
    I mean, if only I wasn’t half a world away, I would love to indulge in con-madness and … oh, yeah, Geoff related things!

  2. Geoff…I’m still planning to visit on Friday, and would love to stop by the DDOCast and say “Hey.” Or, definitely at the Meet Up Party. Penning it on the calendar.

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