Nov 232015

Cruising the low levels on my Mad Bomber build.  No self healing max disable device.

So far no problems levels 1-10 works just fine most of the time with pots or the odd hire here and there.

In an effort to increase my self healing I have access to the wand and scroll mastery in two enhancement trees… what happens if you take both???  Do they stack???

Googlefoo to the answer and what do I find out….not much, did find some of Geoff’s old posts but nothing really concrete.

Well after some self testing taking +25% from two trees they would appear not to stack.  Using a wand of cure light wounds 20X at one +25% and 20X at 2 of 25% there doesn’t appear to be two different curves.  I would have expected a distinct shift, but no it is not there….so does it stack???  Does it not???  Would it show at +50% X2???



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  1. What are the two axes? I’m assuming Y is the number of times X (points healed) occurred..

  2. X is how much it healed for and Y is the number of times it occurred. 1X is starting to look like a normal distribution but 2x looks bimodal. Could run more samples, but I would have expected to see some separation at 20.

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