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Walking the Earth, incompletely

So Mawry Haversack (the original Halfling Commando) has temporarily shed the skin of the Intel Commando and is now walking the earth as a proto-FeyBuckler. And by that I mean that her stats are laid in (which of course they must be for the character to exist at all) and she has taken one level in each of Fighter, Bard and Warlock.

But her ultimate shape remains undecided; she walks the earth, but lightly and incompletely, so that I can earn her bits of experience while I try to design her final state.

This should not be such a difficult task, nor take so long, but I am hung up on a couple of important questions. Maybe you all can help.

To Fighter or to Warlock?

The first question involves the exact level split for this multi-class build: at least five levels of Bard are a given as that is necessary to get Coup de Grace. Which I definitely want for this build. Meaning at most 15 levels are available for Warlock. But it gets more complicated: at least one level of Fighter will be an efficient addition as it brings in Shield Proficiency and a free feat that I can use for Shield Mastery, all in one level. Similarly, a second fighter level brings Improved Shield Mastery.

Two levels of Fighter + 5 levels of Bard leaves only 13 levels for Warlock. But that is okay, I see no significant difference between Warlock 13 and Warlock 15.

But … (yes the inevitable but)

A third level of fighter would enable Stalwart Defense, a stance which adds quite a bit of useful defense, and FeyBuckler is a melee build. Which is awesome! But that would mean only 12 levels available for Warlock, and that in turn would mean that Mawry would not get any 5th level Warlock spells. Which is poopy (sorry to break out the technical terms so early in the day).

Thus the quandary. What do you think?


To Self Heal or to Hit Faster and Better

I’ve long felt that one feat + 11 enhancements points in exchange for fully-enabled Dragonmark of Healing is one of the better deals available in DDO character building. I still feel that way. But this particular build is hurting for enhancements, badly. I can spare the feat, but not the enhancements.

And so the impassable tradeoff: Do I self heal, in a wondrous and very efficient manner that is more than enough to get Mawry safely back to Epic levels? Or do I use those enhancements, and the one feat, to improve melee capability? For instance, Haste Boost? They are both very good ideas.

But which one is better?

Quandaries. Enigmas. Puzzles.


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  1. Geoff I am assuming you would take 13 Warlock when you hit 20 right? 2hat is your plan when you hit 20, are you going to immediately TR back into her regular build? If so the point about 5th level warlock spells is moot I would think.

  2. To be honest, there really aren’t many decent 5th level spells if you’re not planning on DC casting – tensers is probably the only really worthwhile one IMO, so the 3rd fighter level should be a no-brainer there.

    As for healing or other things… i think go with the healing & see how it goes – if you end up not needing to use them much/at all, ditch them later.

  3. πŸ™‚ I voted, but my vote is rather moot. Stalwart is awesome for 20+, not sure if you need it for a 1->20 TR. Healing mark I’ve never used (mainly because I’ve never played a halfling), but since you seem to like it I voted for it. Also, I don’t really know how to build a TR build, as I only make toons meant for epics, since that is where I spend most of my time.

  4. Just a thought.. when you’re dead, your DPS is precisely zero.

  5. I don’t really think the 5th level spells will matter that much at that level, compared to a defensive stance that you can get earlier on. As for the Healing mark… Would you build a Halfling without its defining feature? ; )

  6. I say take the Dragonmark feat. Since enhancements are re-settable (for a modest plat fee), by having the Dragonmark feat, you can compare the different EN builds at various stages by just re-setting and see how each plays. And if you decide the DPS ENs are “better” than the healing ENs, you can always talk to Fred…

    {As far as voting, I must abstain, courteously. I don’t know enough about available 5th level spells (and playing them) to provide an informed opinion.}

  7. On the fence
    feybuckler buckling
    someone push

  8. Something else. 2 Fighter levels for two of your mele feats Li8ke imp crit and Imp swf Then use nothing in the off hand! Slap to the face gives the real fop feel of Swashbuckler.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QNc6_q1buM

  9. Thoughts, in no particular order:

    1. Though you didn’t mention it, you will want maximize and empower. Toggle them on and your aura damage (and sonic critical procs, I believe) will benefit from +225 spellpower. Just set your actual spells to “always off” to prevent unneeded drain.

    2. Feats are fairly tight on this with the SWF line, shield line, imp. crit, and maximize/empower. Two levels of fighter will help alleviate this stress, and if you take two, there is no particular reason to not take three. Warlock damage dice on the blast are even levels only, after all.

    3. If you don’t have something else planned for your final feat slot, taking the dragonmarks is not a bad idea at all. There is no such thing as “too much healing”, during crunch times, only ” sufficient” and “insufficient”. Given that you get UMD as a class skill on a CHA build, you will never have to worry about healing anywhere else EXCEPT crunch time.

    4. Aura temp hitpoints from the fourth tier, on a 3 second tick, combined with dragonmarks healing, gives you a solid platform for epics, and you shouldn’t need to twist anything more intense than cocoon for healing. This allows you freedom to choose more aggressive/offensive twists and trees.

    5. Don’t forget perform is sonic spellpower. Ugh. (No laughing! It was painful!). Hitting a score 80-100 shouldn’t be hard. Combined with the Chord of Reprisals, and enhancements, you should easily having a standing sonic of 250-300 before factoring maximize/empower. Add in that 150% scaling and your 7d6 sonic per tick becomes pretty nifty.

    On a separate note, I’ve really enjoyed the blog since I found it a few months back. Love the humor and just plain fun found here.

  10. Geoff, it all really depends on how you intend to play your bard levels. Do you want to Swashbuckle and use SWF or not?

    With Fey-Lock you can have your aura constantly on while you fight and as you level progress you can “pulse” it quicker for better damage return. So that’s probably going to be the preferred option I would think.

    So with Swashbuckling you need a finessable weapon and then you can take Skirmisher a tier 3 enhancement and swashbuckle with a buckler giving you 10% dodge bonus. You can also take Shield mastery and improved shield mastery as well.
    This renders your fighter levels moot unless you really want them. The secret to Swashbuckling is speed and dodge. and your Bard sonic spell power/Perform will boost your Fey aura spell power. If you take upto 6 Bard levels you also get the Uncanny Dodge boost.
    An don’t forget Bards are self healers too, maybe not awesome at it but they can do it.

    I am looking forward to how this plays out for you as I have a 3rd Heroic life Bard that is looking forward to her next life and I am tossing around your Fey Buckler as an option since I have all the gear for bard lives already.

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