Mar 312014
Someone please remind us why we chose the cat?

Someone please remind us why we chose the cat?

I have on more than one occasion been “chastised” for running with companions. The comments are usually laced with a fair share of confusion, derision or outright hatred as to their purpose. “Hey, how do I get a companion? Cool, ok now what does it do for me? What no buffs? I can’t ride it? It won’t activate switches, aggro monsters or run errands? Never mind then, pretty f*#&’n (lame, stupid, retarded) if you ask me….”

I didn’t and I won’t but thank you for your input. 🙂 Oh darn! I forgot to tell him that they do tricks! Oh well, maybe I’ll remember next time.

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Ps. I really love this pic of Jasper and have been using the original as my wallpaper for a few years now. I definitely want to revisit this theme when, if ever, I max-out my GIMP-abilities. Let me give credit where credit is due. All pictures of the feline variety used in any of my posts have been captured by my lovely and talented girlfriend Maureen. Thank you honey.

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  1. That is a great picture 😀

  2. Yark! Cat toy! Yark yark!!

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