Feb 052016

Vote for the 2015 Best of DDO!This is the last weekend of voting for the 2015 GAMEY Awards. Sometime early next week, maybe as early as Monday, I will start tabulating and graph-making and all of that, and your chance to vote will be gone forever.

Your votes matter! Even now! A couple of the categories seem like they will have clear winners based on votes to-date, but all of the others are still too close to call. One is a tie! a dead heat, a single vote one way or the other will decide the winner.

I am not above exaggerating this sort of thing to encourage more votes, but in this case I don’t even have to. There really is a tie. And three other categories where a couple of votes are all that stands between first and second place. In one case, there are literally three choices withing four votes of each other.

So … no more procrastination. Your vote matters! But only if you actually cast it. So vote!

Don’t let a little thing like having voted already stop you, this isn’t that kind of vote.

Here, have a link to the voting page.

And now the small print:


This is not a contest, and there are no rules. Apply directly to the forehead. Vote as often you wish. See your doctor immediately if symptoms persist. If you want to stuff the ballot box for one of your favorites and mash those Vote buttons till your clicky finger wears out, no one is going to stop you. Avoid operating heavy equipment while voting. No pixels were harmed in the making of this award.



No more excuses!

🙂 😀 🙂


p.s. Here, have another link to the voting page! And an entire banner too.


Vote for the 2015 GAMEY Awards

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