Sep 272011

To clarify, the Vitals bar is not going to make my girlfriend ditch me, but it is going to make her ditch DDO and that would be bad. She plays clerics. She has several of them. But right now she cannot play any of them and it is really frustrating her.

This is old news, but to recap: the distance between the HP bars causes colors to “flash” as she focuses on the party health. The flashing gives her eyestrain that takes a while to go away even when she is done playing. In a raid it is worse, inducing a headache that makes her drop connect and hurt for hours.*

* I bolded “eyestrain” and “headache” to emphasize that she is not ranting about not liking the change; lots of people don’t like the change (and for that matter lots of people don’t like any change). But this is different, this is physically damaging. She literally cannot play her clerics without taking damage points.

We’ve tried skins (Blackbird is really nice btw) but no. Someone had the idea of creating a chat box and moving it behind the UI – a really great idea btw! – but not practical, the chat box won’t stay “behind” the UI. Partial transparency didn’t help enough even when the box behaved. She is not alone. There have been several posts. We theorize that the flashing is worse for players over 40 but cannot say for certain (obviously). We only know for sure that she has had to park her favorite characters.

Meanwhile, lots of action by Turbine, very gratifying, even surveys to find the right long term solution. I applaud the effort.

But adding to the frustration, less important (to her) changes are being discussed right now in the form of hot fixes and updates, yet none of the immediate discussion involves this although it is an actual health issue. Her frustration increases. The red Rage frame (remember that?) was corrected right away but, again, she sees no word on something equally as damaging. What was once a positive outlook on this issue is becoming bleaker as time goes by with no announcement.

I’m working a strategy of asking her to NOT heal but instead focus on blowing stuff up. It isn’t going to work, she tried it but has that whole nurturing thing going and the inability to heal bothers her even though an offensive role adds plenty of party value. I also have her working up non-Cleric characters, but that is another temporary fix that won’t last.

Can we please get an update as to when changes will be applied?

Gotta have hope, right?

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  1. What gets me with chat boxes is, if you go to type something in, and just hit “Enter” to go to the chat, it’ll usually go to the secondary chatbox, rather than the one in the forefront. I know that in groups I’ll sometimes, somehow, pull the Combat chat out of the box, and I’ve never figured out how to drag it back INTO the box (I don’t want to reset things to default because I’ve tweaked most of them). So I just shove the combat chat behind the main chatbox until I can manually restore it, building a new tab from scratch… and every time I go to type something into the party chat, and hit Enter, the Combat chat will come to the forefront instead. It’s annoying.

    … And I can’t figure out how *any* healer can play with this UI. My sympathies to your GF.

    You’d think that restoring the old UI would be an extremely simple tweak they could hotfix… even if that required leaving the robodogs off the UI (which I don’t think anybody would mind except maybe artificers but they should be OK with the robodog toolbar, no?) until they could work out the better method the survey seems to be seeking.

  2. The ability to customise your UI is a feature of all MMOs. Changing opacity, position of elements, size of elements, and resolution(or clarity). I believe that the strain, which effects my non-healing arse as well, are caused by improper refresh rates of the entire UI which is coupled with the strange opacity of the health bars. It’s a bad mix and needs to be changed.

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