Oct 052015

Visual Short Stories


Sometimes a saved image is worth a comment, but not an entire article. Sometimes you have several such images, and an article like this happens.


Not going swimmingly
Crucible feelings

Like that time you sent your rogues to do the Crucible swim, only to find – when it is way too late to do anything about it – that one of them has no Underwater Action item and you have ordered him to his doom.


I got yer proof of the afterlife right here
Proof of the afterlife

Or that time when your Gamer Girl dies and disconnects seemingly simultaneously, confusing the game so much that she ends up in a state where she can carry her own soul stone around in her backpack.

Maybe not forever, but for one quest at least.


All chaotic, all the time
Above the law

Or that time a full group of us is storming the Prison of the Planes, pulling up short at the very first room – “Okay, whoever is lawful, you are up” – only to learn that no one is lawful. “I’m not lawful”, “Nope, not me”, “Me neither”.

And then, as we are leaving, the warforged of all people, the one with the rabbit ears and the skull face, that guy, suddenly he remembers that he is lawful.

Lawful chaos.

Yes boss right away/I mean never

Or that time when … wait, this happens all the time. You order your hireling to use the shrine.

“I understand”
“Got it, boss”
“A brief rest would be a good idea!”
“On my way”
“Your wish is my command”
“I understand”
“Got it, boss”

And so on, for as many pages of party chat as you care to fill. Except he never actually moves. Never.

And so it goes. Each image reminds of me an entire quest, or a night of quests, good times one and all.

Truly each one is worth 1000 words in my head, but maybe not 1000 words on the page. Because standards.

Yes, standards. Stop laughing, I do have them you know. Not just any old thing gets posted to DDOGamer! Standards exist. The standards are just … very lax. And rarely enforced. And sort of a low bar to cross in the first place. When I remember. And have time.

Maybe calling them “standards” is overdoing it.

Maybe I should call them “hopes”. As in “I hope this doesn’t completely suck”, or “I hope to publish decent content at least once in awhile” or even “I hope to have standards, someday!”

Hope. A man has gotta have hope, right?

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. When your a halfling, a low bar for most is a high bar for us!

  2. “It’s really more of a guideline.”

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