May 302013

Chelena and her new maul “soloing” the House of Dun’Robar

At first I thought I was just unlucky, like usual. Although my lack of luck was startling even for me.

Some background: a little over two months ago, my fierce fighter Chelena Armstrong (the World’s Strongest Halfling) set out on a quest to acquire a series of mauls. Among them, the Epic Fury of the Flame, an old-school style epic weapon that requires a combination of the non-epic version of the weapon, plus a shard, scroll and seal of the weapon.

Chelena already had the base item, seal, and scroll, but no shard. The shard can only be acquired in the Epic versions of the quest Spinner of Shadows.

And so began a daily (sometimes multiple times per day) routine of running the Spinner of Shadows on Epic Normal, since that is rumored to produce the best chance of a shard. Often when I completed the quest I would invite others to join me for free loot and XP, increasing my chances of acquiring the shard I needed. But sometimes I would just finish it off and move on, especially on morning runs before work when I was time-constrained.

No luck, but that’s okay, I can overcome lack of luck with persistence.

Or so I thought.

Two months go by. No shards drop, but I am normally unlucky. A dry stretch like this is not all that unusual for me; it took even longer to get an epic Jidz-Tetka for Oriental.

And so I go about my business, cheerfully, until the release of Update 18. Where I see this in the release notes:

Web of Chaos

  • Seals for the items in these quests are now found in the Epic Chests at the end of the quests.
  • Shards for all items in this quest chain are now found in the Epic Chest at the end of the capstone quest The Spinner of Shadows.
  • The base items will continue to drop on all difficulty levels.
  • Issues with the distribution of specific items or Tokens of the Twelve have been corrected.


So … you mean … I had no chance of getting the shard? And Turbine knew?


Grrrr. This is really annoying. They should have let us know. What a waste of time.

I am seriously vexed. It is a weird and uncomfortable feeling for me, I prefer positive to negative. I like Turbine and feel that they generally do a pretty good job at running a complicated game. But this is a let down.

And now I am vexed about the fact that I am vexed.


So I set aside the great maul acquisition effort, not sure if I would pick it up again, but definitely feeling discouraged from proceeding further right now. Maybe in time. But not now.

Giving me more time to focus on my completionist who was on the home stretch of life six. Shortly after update 18 came out, she finished. Time for a new life! Meaning, time for a bunch of inventory work preparing her for her next True Reincarnation.

In the (painful) process of reorganizing inventory, I happen across a Large Bag of Ingredients on my Artificer-in-progress Sparksy. I wonder what is inside? Oh, here are my epic ingredients, I’d forgotten that I had Sparksy carrying them around.

Might as well get the Shard and Scroll of the Fury of the Flame while I am here and transfer them to Chelena for safekeeping, right? And so I filter the view of the bag contents by “fury”.

Strangely, I get three results instead of the two I had been expecting. A scroll, a seal, and a shard.

A shard?



Stupid is as stupid doesOhMyGod how stupid can one player be? Just when I think I have played as stupidly as possible, here I am setting the all-time New World Record for Stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does sir!

Kind of weird to be mad at Turbine for wasting my time when I am doing a much, much better job of wasting my time myself.

And so it is that fate or kismet or kharma or whatever it is reminds me, yet again, that DDO is a game and is to be played for fun. Allowing yourself to get so caught up in things that negativity becomes a possibility – any negativity – is not fun. It’s a game. Play it. Don’t live it.

Thus chastised, Chelena set out to take her new Epic maul for a test drive. A suitable target is selected: the House of Dun’Robar on Epic Hard. Accompanied by a fleet of hirelings, the quest is defeated, quickly and soundly, including optionals.

The maul performed well. Comparable to the Drow Maul of the Weapon Master that she already has, probably not better but probably not worse, there were some purple numbers in there now and then (from the Brilliance I suspect) and everything died in an admirably quick fashion.

A nice maul, and one I am happy to add to Chelena’s repertoire.

Probably not worth two months of frustration, but then, it wasn’t supposed to be, I could have had the maul the instant that I realized I wanted it.

Stupid is as stupid does indeed.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. This was hilarious when you told the story on DDOcast, and even more so because I remember you talking about how long it was taking you to get the shard in previous episodes.

    Congrats on the Maul though πŸ™‚

  2. Don’t feel too bad. I’ve had all kind of “stupid is as stupid does” moments in my DDO life (RL too!)

  3. Geoff, I don’t blame you for being pissed. In fact I blame Turbine. LoTRO has a better Inventory Management system, and much better crafting system. They have a separate Shared Wardrobe for Cosmetic items, so that you do not waste precious inventory space on stuff that doesn’t do anything, they have the barter wallet which doesn’t take up inventory space, and they also have some system in place if I am not mistaken for quest items, so that they don’t clutter up your inventory either. Not to mention a much larger Shared banking system. Turbine has made it very difficult to keep track of stuff in DDO.

    But I feel your frustration. I spent almost 5K TP on my new Bladeforged Juggernaut Build last night then realized I couldn’t LR him to take advantage of the +3 Supreme Tome he just bought and read and so that I could tweak his starting base stats some to get more bang for my buck. Had I realized that I couldn’t LR him (I really wanted to redo his base starting stats) then I could have deleted him, re-rolled and then read the tome. Now I feel like I wasted 5K TP.

  4. 1, Think what Turbine meant was Shards would not be dropping from in not capstone quests. We had a time when that locked chest in the second chest dropped shards and after that until this last update shards dropped in the epic chest in the first quest. Now just in the Capstone, which i assume was intended all along. If only all the Turbine staff was a good at their job as Jerry.

    2, I use a Google doc spreadsheet to track all my epic parts. It might not be 100% right but i try and keep it as up to date as i can and i find it makes my life much easier. And my son gets the pleasure sometime this summer of up dating it. That is like a summer job right? Might have him do some plat farming also. πŸ™‚

  5. I tried to tell Geoff & Anne about this multiple times when he 1st brought it up on 1 of the ddocasts, I don’t think he noticed though. I tried to tell him in the ddocast irc channel. I am very happy Geoff has his maul though! That is great news! I did link Shade’s thread for him cos it has most of the info for that chain & where the shards/seals dropped *prior* to U18. Anywhoo again 3 cheers for the new maul! :P! :)!

  6. I totally echo Steiner-Davion as to what LoTRO has to offer in the way of inventory management and overall space…it is light years beyond what we have in DDO, which is baffling considering both games are in-house.

    I must be missing something regarding the lack of synergy between the two games.

  7. If it had been me, when I found the shard in my bag, it would have gone something like this:

  8. LOL! That was funny as hell. Sorry you wasted your time but congrats on the new maul πŸ™‚

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